Gizmo my cat keeps jumping on the counter

by Jessyca Ducharme McHugh

So my cat gizmo,she goes on the counter and whenever i leave ten seconds or whatever she puts her paws in my cereals 0r any food and how can i stop her from going on the counter. and tables ,in the summer she hangs on the roof of the car ,she pukes everywhere under my bed. on my clothes in my bed.

sounds to me like you have two issues here.
the vomiting is not normal and really does need to be looked into further. there are many possible causes for cat vomiting you can find out some of these here

As regard to her climbing on the work surface. well unfortunately this has become a habit for her and she needs to be untaught this learned behavior. The best way is to constantly remove her from the counter as soon as she does it, but you need to do it in a particular way. you need to be silent and not to give her eye contact and simply place her on the floor over and over again in this manner. this is a negative response to her actions and not what she is hoping for. Normally i suspect she gets looked at, possibly shouted at or spoken to etc when she does this, this is a positive response. I have more on this techniques here

Also you can spray your counter with a strong smelling citrus solution, cats dislike very strong smells.

I'm afraid there is no quick solution to this behavior as it has to be slowly unlearned by the cat. remember she is not being bad or naughty she is simply used to doing it.

best wishes kate

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