Got new Kitten and now my current cat poops on the floor

Roger and Freddie

Roger and Freddie

Help! I currently adopted a new kitten, and I also have had another cat who is just 2 years old. When I first brought the kitten home I kept him in a separate room with food and litter box while they sniffed each other under the door, after awhile I would let the kitten out during the day and the cat and kitten got along fine. I did put the kitten back in this room at night since I didnt fully trust the two together. However, during the day while the room was open my older cat would use the litter box and neglect to use his old one in the basement. Once I was able to leave the kitten out full time I moved his litter box to the basement where there is another box. The kitten adapted just fine, however now my older cat will not use the litter box and is pooping on the floor, he even acts nervous to even go into the basement anymore. I have carried him down to re introduce him to the litter boxes but he has not used them. The two litter boxes are both in the basement, and I am not using multi cat litter (I still had some old litter left).

Any Advice???

Unfortunately this can happen when another cat is introduced to the house. the behavior is called Middening and is caused by your cats anxiety about the new kitten and the new scents in the home.

I would suggest a period of litter training again using the confinement method. You may have to repeat this process a few times until your cat relaxes around the new kitten. Also I assume your cat is neutered and that the new kitten will be soon. If not then this will heighten this sort of behavior.

I have some pages you may like to read about Middening and also the litter training process. i also have a page about cat introduction which you may find of interest. here are the pages


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Cat pooping out of the litter box
by: Shelly

I have 2 one year old cats. We just got a new kitty. We are getting the house painted and resided. Needless to say, there are many things going on. 3 days ago the female cat started pooping outside the litter box and it’s happened for 3 days now She is eating fine. The kitty is only around in controlled times. She is not crazy about him, but will interact during play time with him. We are concerned!
Comment from kate
Please see my page on the site about cat poo it will help to explain why this sort of thing happens. Your case is absolutely understandable and will resolve itself once things settle down.

Cat Poop - Help!
by: Anonymous

Hi! We have three rescue cats - Initially, we were fostering, so they lived in one room of the house. But now they are part of the home, and have free range. When they were in the room, they used the litter box with no issues - They we're then let out, and were fine for a bit, however shortly after, one of the cats starting pooping directly outside the litter box. We have two big dogs, so perhaps its from anxiety?

We added a door to the basement, and put all their litter etc. down there so they have their own space and the dogs can't access them, but it's still occurring... We contained one cat at a time to figure out which was the culprit, and now we have the one cat confined... But he is pooping in the box now when he's alone in the room! However, he's clearly not happy in there because he meows day and night. We let him out briefly, and he pooped on the floor... any insight or advise?!


Some cats simply are not happy living in a house with other cats or animals. They become anxious and this sort of behaviour is common. Also the fact that he is being kept in the basement might even be a source of anxiety too.

As to what you can do, well unfortunately there are no guarantees, as I say some cats simply cant adapt. But you could try using one of those cat calming diffusers in the house. Some cats react well to these as it helps them to relax into their new home and situation and once they are used to it the diffuser can be stopped. More on this on my page here

If this does not work then I work suggest that you may want to to try and find a new home for him where he will be the only pet in the house.

Best of luck, I know these situations can be very difficult.


They look reasonably happy
by: Kevin Johnson

If they're playing together, that's a good sign. It'll probably iron itself out once the kitten is neutered. If your elder cat was raised with other cats, that's a positive, otherwise it'll take a while

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