Growling Cat

My cat keeps growling for no reason, he recently had sex for the first time but the male cat was it possible she pregnet? or maybe shes in heat and its different for her? any answer would help.

Answer by Kate
well yes growling is normally a sign of being upset or defensive i.e. keep away.

I wouldn't say she is pregnant this is not the sort of behaviour that would indicate that.

All i can say is either yes she is in heat and is feeling fed up (like a lot of woman do :) ) or she is some sort of discomfort possibly caused by the intercourse (it can be a rather painful experience for a cat) or something else is upsetting her. I.e the scent of another cat on her territory.

If this behaviour continues if it were me I would have her checked over by the vet in case their is some sort of physical problem that could be causing her to be defensive. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

if the vet gives her the all clear than you will have to consider that something in her environment has changed and is causing this behaviour. this is where you have to become the detective and think like a cat, what could have changed?

I hope all is well

best wishes KAte

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