Growling cat

by Lilly
(Addison, Vermont, U.S)

My cat is rolling around on the ground and growling and hissing when i try to touch her, but my other cat that is a boy just attacked her and tryed to rape her, but i seperated them before he could. It is June and they were outside together the whole day. Why are did this happen and how can I prevent this from happening again?

you did not mention if your cats are spayed / neutered? this would play a big part of what is happening.

If they are not then your female cats behavior could be signs of being in heat. see here for more on this


In which case it is not surprising that your male cat went for her. even if he is neutered he may still become excited by her scent and behavior.

So if they are not spayed or neutered then this would be your first thing to do.

If they are both spayed /neutered then it may be that your female has an imbalance of hormones which can simulate being in heat etc and this would produce the same behaviors in your cat. If this continues then it could be a good idea to have her checked out by a vet in case there are imbalances.

best wishes akte

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