Grumpy boy cat

by Codie alley

My 7 month old male cat has been an "only child" since we got him at 11 weeks, we have spoilt him rotten. We have just brought a 7week old female kitten, at first he hissed and growled at her and swatted her on the head, it's been a few days now and they are slowly gettin better. But he is now biting her on the tummy and neck while tackling her, is this playing or should I be concerned? Please if you have any advice on how to introduce them properly it would be greatly appreciated.


well it sounds to me like play but you can't be sure.

Is your male cat neutered? If not then I would definitely recommend that you have him done now to prevent any possible aggressive behavior from him.

As for introducing cats to each other well all cats are different to hoe they react to each other and some cats are better at accepting another cat to their territory.

There is a way to introduce cats to each other but it does take some time and effort and there are no guarantees that they will get along.

hopefully though your cats are young enough to learn to live with each other in harmony.

here is more information about the introduction process.

best wishes kate

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Grumpy Boy
by: Kevin Johnson

That's how mine was, he was boss as soon as he showed up. He'd wrestle with my adult female at six months, she always liked a good quarrel.

Grumpy boy cat
by: Andrew & Ann Cole

When we introduced our last of five cats to the 'herd' she, Petal, was about 6 weeks old and really tiny. Our alpha male (Piglet) who was by then a young cat rather than a kitten, took grave exception to the 'new girl' and did his level best to eradicate her. We had a feeling that he thought that she was a mouse, especially as - in the end - we had to build her a special box with a Petal-sized entrance hole in it, so that she had somewhere safe to escape to. Frankly we were at our wits end as to what to do and were coming to the conclusion that one or other of them would have to go. Then a miracle occurred and quite out of nowhere they fell for each other and have become the very best of friends. So do not give up on your two. Amazing things can happen....... (Look for a photo of the two of them together which we are about to submit to the gallery.)

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