Hair loss

by JOse Boneta
(San Juan, PR)

My cat is aprox 2 years old. He was lost for a month. We found him living in a bald area with lots of wild plants. He apparently ate during that month garbage and wild animals, like birds, lizards, etc. When he came home with applied him a flea liquid but at a commercial store, a foam for fleas and ticks for cats and a dry powder for odor.

Aprox 2 weeks from this hair bagan to loose around the neck, head and ears. Next we noticed bald areas in the abdomen near the genitalia. Further we noticed round bald areas with small honey color small round areas in skin that with constant grooming turned then red.

We applied him a steroid cream without avail.

We took him to the vet that took cultures for fungi (still pending results) and prescribe him oral medrol and a antifungal topical cream to apply to whole body. We have kept the treatment for a week now but we see almost no positive results.

The only positive is that he is not scratching a lot as before.

He is a neutered male.

Would you give some advice.


Answer by Kate
well i am not a vet but it does sound like some sort of skin allergy. The problem is discovering what is causing it. I'm not sure what you mean about the flea treatment, was it just bourght from a shop? if so these treatments are rubbish and don't work, belive me i have come across wuite a few over the years and the only medications that eally work are prescibed by the vet. You never know your cat may have had an allergic reaction to the flea treatment etc. the trouble with skin discordersd i can take some time to right it self. All i would say is that you should only use what the vet has prescribed and if it does not clear up to return to the vet.
I hope he gets better soon.

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