Has my cat miscarried or pyometra?

by Nikki
(Worried At Home)


My domestic longhair female is around 14 months old and yesterday she started growling while lying on the couch. I rubbed her belly a little because she tends to growl in her sleep sometimes and has since we got her, but this time I noticed what I thought to be a little blood on her fur in her vaginal area. I washed her off and was looking at her to see what was wrong and as she moved the fluid literally ran out of her. It was thick, and pinkish whitish in color, and after cleaning her up, she went to sleep on her blanket with occasional growls in her sleep. Today she only has a tiny ammount of red blood sticking on her fur, but she has eaten, and drank and used the litterbox with no trouble, and was close to her usual self of twining in and out of our ankles. We have a vet appointment tomorrow to have her checked out, but I'm curious if she could be having a miscarriage or something more serious like pyometra. She did cycle through heat a week ago, and we have a male cat in house who is new and not neutered, as he was literally dropped off on our doorstep and needed treatment for infected claws and ears, and underweight, and he has an appointment for neutering next month. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thank You.

Answer by Kate
Hi Nikki, well yes it does sound like it could be something like this but if she was only mated a week of so ago it would be too soon to have had much affect if she had miscarried.

it may be an internal infection. Mucus etc can build up inside and this may have been what you saw mixed in with with some of her remaining period blood.

any way you are doing the right thing in taking her to the vets. he may not be able to say for sure but he will be able to make sure that she is not in any pain and also treat for any infections. etc.

you sound like a very caring cat mum, god bless you.

best wishes Kate

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