HELP!!!! cat yowling

My cat is almost a year old and I think she is going into heat for the first time. We have a male cat that is olde but he is fixed. All the female does all day ad night is yowl. Not meow. It's far more long and loud than a regular meow. It's getting on everyones last nerve and we don't know how to stop her from crying so much. We love our cats verymuch. And please dont tell me I'm a bad person by not getting her fixed. We jus cant afford it at the moment. So how can I stop her from yowling 24/7?

Answer by Kate
Quick answer, you can't. It is completely normal behavior for a cat in heat. It would be like trying to stop a child from playing or talking, you just can't.

I wouldn't say that you are a bad person for not having her fixed yet if there is a financial problem. Of course I wouldn't. But do be aware that if she does get out she could get pregnant and then you may be faced with more vet bills, so make sure she is safe inside.

Unfortunately the yowling will continue while she is in heat and she will be in heat one week every three weeks from late winter or early spring. This will continue for nine months or longer, or until she has mated.

So sorry I could not be bearer of better news. It may be worth checking to see if any animal charities are doing a special spaying offer as they are often very keen to help out in this regard.

best wishes Kate

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PLS help
by: Anonymous

i am having the same problem all day yowling loudly and i cant get her fixed at the moment cause of finincial problems..but also i have another cat male that i saw him on her early (i know what it means >.<) so i wondered is it good to fix her if i get the money? or because maybe she is pragnant , i cant? pls reply back , Thanks.

answer by kate
do you mean can you get her fixed if she s pregnant?
Well yes but it does depend on how far into her pregnancy she is and also if your vet is happy to do it. You will have to speak to your vet about this and he will want to examine your act also.

Cat in heat
by: Anonymous

Google People for Animals ... they have low cost spay and neuter clinics where a cat can be spayed and get her first shots for $55.00. It's definitely worth the investment.

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