HELP! kitten won't stop crying when he has to go to bathroom.

by Wendy
(Selden, NY)

He's getting ready to go to the vet here. :(

He's getting ready to go to the vet here. :(

Hi, about a month ago, we took home a little kitten from a friend's house. Our friend found him along with 2 other kittens from the same litter in his garden with no mommy to be found. He kept the kittens at his house hoping the mother would eventually show up, but she never came. We took one home. We already have 2 healthy cats, so we kept him seperated from them for about 2 days until we could get him to the vet. The night before his vet appointment, he started crying NON-stop. He had been crying a lot, but this sounded much worse than usual, and it was when he was trying to go to the bathroom. He looked as if he was constipated. So, rather than wait for his vet appointment the next day, we took him to an emergency vet. They did a few tests including one for FIV (he was negative), clipped his nails, and told us that what "The General" was going through was pretty normal, and that he would get better with some anti-biotics, and some eye drops. Along with some ointment for his little bum. So, we took him home and gave him his meds. After a few more days, we realized that he really wasn't getting any better, AND now, it looked as if his anus was bulging out quite a bit. It was as if he the poo was backed up and trying to get out, but couldn't actually escape out the anus. So, we took him to the vet that he was supposed to see originally. THIS particular vet was VERY thorough. He told us that The General had to come back in a few weeks for shots, and that he seemed to be about 6-7 weeks old. He also told us that The General had diarrhea, and that instead of giving him the Cat milk that the emergency vet had said was alright, that we should try giving him some

mushed up dry kitten food mixed with some wet kitten food. We have been doing this for about a week now. This vet also told us that The General PROBABLY has worms/parasites. So, he sent us home with some different ointment, some oral medication for the worms which we have to squeeze into his little mouth 2x daily, AND some other meds for the worms which we put into his food about 2x a day. He really seemed to be getting better until yesterday. Even the swelling of his anus pretty much went away....UNTIL TODAY. He is crying again everytime he tries to go to the bathroom, and sometimes it's as if he is SCREAMING in pain. We are going to take him back to the vet tommorrow, even though the vet said we can bring him back in 2 weeks (around the time that he will be needing his first set of shots). I am really just writing this to know, has this ever happened to anyone else? And if so, what can I do to comfort the little guy? It's really heartbreaking when he cries!

Answer by kate
Poor little fella.
It is sad that he lost his mother so early on in his life as a mother cat will massage the abdomen to encorage evacuation, i am wondering if by not having this attention early on it has caused this problem. Have you tried to massge the abdomen it may help his digestive systme to get going if their is a problem.
Apart from i haven't personally gone through this and can only hope that the vets advice will help him eventually.
Kitten cries can be quite urgent sometimes, it may not always be that they are in pain but they are trying to grab your attention, this is normal.
he looks great in his picture and looks to be on tracvk to become a great little cat.
I wish you luck and success with your new little friend.

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Please Research More
by: Claudy

There is so much misinformation out there and many veterinarians don't know much about kittens also. It is important to research on different forums and YouTube on what could be the problem and the appropriate cure. Fosters and other people who have raised lots of kittens usually know best.

What I have learned fostering kittens:

If your kitten has diarrhea this can be a serious problem, esp if they get dehydrated (add plain Pedialyte to their formula or food). Many times a dose of antibiotics can eliminate their diarrhea. Clavamox is a standard and can be ordered from Allivet. Note this usually is the best bet but it can also be risky since antibiotics can also cause diarrhea and other problems. Stop the antibiotic if the kitten gets worse and/or switch type. Also, make sure to give your kitten a good probiotic afterwards.

Diarrhea can also be due to worms, so please make sure that your kitten has been dewormed. Other causes of diarrhea can be from serious illnnes, poisoning (watch out for house plants) or their food. If you have a bottle fed kitten make sure that you are feeding them a kitten milk replacement formula NOT MILK which can kill them. Kitten Milk Replacement brands are not all the same, some are better than others. KMR by PetAg, the most widely used, usually gives my kittens constipation. The best I have found is the brand Breeder's Edge, eliminating lots of problems around diarrhea and constipation. Also, adding pure pumpkin puree, a little finger swipe, to their formula can help regulate their bowel movements.
If you want to go the extra step for constipation, add a little good probiotics to the formula. Also, running their bums under luke warm water can help sometimes. Make sure you blow dry them afterwards on a low setting otherwise they could get hypothermia.

There are other things to try, massage, oil, etc...too many to go into, so research other sites..

If the kittens are weaned make sure they are eating wet food. Dry food is not good for cats, esp if they struggle with constipation or kidney problems bc it dries them out. You can add a little water for extra hydration to their food. If that doesn't work and your kitten hasnt pooped in days or is crying excessively while going to the bathroom, the kitten probably needs an enema. Don't do this at home unless you know what you are doing, the amount, mixture and method are all important and getting one of those wrong can kill the kitten also. There are many websites that get into this more.

Kittens often get constipated from their food, lack of water, or diarrhea (due to the water loss). It is not uncommon for a kitten to swing from diarrhea to constipation. Constipation if it goes too long will kill the kitten so please research more and go to a vet that knows cats and kittens well.

Don't give up. While you can't save all kittens (ones with serious illnneses) you can save many with a little knowledge and time. I have saved many kittens that shelters have wanted to euthanized.

One emergency tip, if your kitten is "fading," make sure they are warm but nit over heated (a warning source and an area to escape to if they get too hot) and start giving them agave, syrup or sugar water every few minutes on their gums until they start to move and walk again. Many times this will turn them around enough to safely get them to a vet. Many times I start them on an antibiotic right away if I suspect they show symptoms of an infection.

Research, research, research and best wishes to all you kitten mommys out there.

by: Judy

I had a kitten from a litter about 6 weeks old that had similar poop problems. I took him to the vet. this past Friday July 30,2016 and they unblocked his anus. We had a follow up visit on Wednesday, July 6,2016 which the poor kitten didn't make the appointment. He was in so much pain that my heart broke. I immediately rush him to emergency vet. this morning, July4,2016. He was examined and I was told that he had a enlarged rectum with an abnormal pouch with a birth defect. The vet said she could remove the fecal from the kitten but in another few days he would be impacted again. I am so sad and cry every time I think of him looking at me for help. Actually, I thought he would go get the help he needed and he would be okay. unfortunately, he was put to sleep and I am just sick over this matter. It was a shock to find out I had to make such a grave decision. I am still crying.

let me help
by: Anonymous

I am here to say my family and I had the same problem. One of our baby cats kept crying while pooping.We were getting really worried. When we looked up on the internet,we learned that sometimes it helps if you rubbed the kitty's anus with a warm water cloth. We tried this with the kitty. The first time we did it, it didn't work. But after a couple tries the kitty pooped. I hope this helped you.


feeding your kitten
by: Anonymous

i heard mixing canned milk & some sugar with water & use a eye dropper to feed him with.

Olive Oil
by: Jojo

My kitten, though he didn't cry excessively to use his litter, showed signs of constipation. His lil' bum was swollen and bulging a bit. What I had to do was clean the area with virgin olive oil and kinda use the cotton soaked in olive oil to gently (very gently) massage the area. Also, i massaged his abdomen and the little fellow farted IMMEDIATELY!! Pheewwww!! I could tell he had some junk up there! Anyway, a few moments after, he went to his litter. Though he was crying a little, I actually saw where the stimulation helped him use it a bit quicker.

Not Alone
by: Anonymous

OMGoodness..Im having the exact problem with my lil guy,Harvey!We 'found' him in a parking lot,alone,at 3 weeks old!Hes about 7 weeks now.We took him to the Vet a week later as he had severe diarrhea&his buns were raw&bulging.He had worms,gave him meds&ointment.He is SCREAMING wen he poops&hes poopin ALL DAY LONG!!Were getting frustrated cuz hes not goin in the box most of the time&we have 4 other 'rescues' as well.We an NOT afford to take him to the vet evry month,as its min $100.We decided that hes allergic to milk.Does anyone know what kind of formula i can feed him as he WONT drink from a saucer&barely eats kitten food,dry or wet.Hes gettin to skinny & im sure dehydrated.Plzz help ASAP!! kITTY lOVER,THANKS

Natural ways
by: Anonymous

Not sure how old this post is but maybe try Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, just mix it in with his food, a half teaspoon a day, it kills parasites (look at natural food stores) and you could add a bit of plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie spice) or plain squash baby food to his wet food to help soften his stools.

Desperately needing assistance - 2 infant kittens cries after entering litter box
by: Rhonda

About seven years ago the neighbor cats entertained me then I would treaf them to a meal. Along came 2 teenage kittens that was starving. After 2 weeks a tom cat I call him the Male,took the area over & many fights started. For 2 yrs. no fights, once in a while discipline was given but nothing like it is now. Many tragic episodes involving this male cat, hurting his own & my indoor cats ensued! Tried to trap any of these feral cats to have them neutered & released back in their area but to no avail! From being entertained by 5-7 cats, treats/a meal, to 46 cats that I try to feed, limited income, right leg amputee/disabled, 58 years old, 3 indoor (started as protecting them),now 2 feral kittens w/issues - different moms, how can i forget, we also have an awful case of Notoedric mange cati. I've learned some about cats & I adore them but the food alone has me shuffling my bills, add the medical issues leaves me completely spent. I apologize for my venting but your kitten needs both your interaction of massaging him as the mother would do & definitely go to the vet. A protruding anus must be so painful. Sounds like on your part that you're doing great. He's one lucky kitty. They are so receptive of many diseases, more than dogs that keeping him in doors is keeping him safe. Good luck & best wishes. God bless

Toilet probs
by: Gnatty

My bottle Feds had runny bottoms when changing to solids. Pretty normal when changing foods as people may know. I used to put in a bit of baby rice cereal to thicken the food but my last lot where's the worst diaherrea. I used a tiny bit of ground physillium husk mixed with wet kitten food and kitten milk. Alternating with meals of baby food with pumpkin or sweet potato but making sure there is no onion in the mix. I also give them a tiny bit of lactose free or soy yoghurt for the probiotics. The physillium husk is brilliant. Good for diaherrea and constipation because it is non soluble fibre. Slows down the digestion and bulks up the poos. Pulls together the fluids to help move the poos and keeps them soft and jelly like. Best thing I ever tried

by: Lisa

we rescued a 4 week old kitten, he was in the motor of our car when we were traveling back home from out of town, we heard a cry when we were going like 40mph. my husband and i looked at each other and realized there was a kitten somewhere in our car, Thankfully we were able to get him out, he's a beautiful kitten, poor baby was holding on for his dear life. We kept him and, named him Malachi means "my messenger my angel" trying to help him poop, by anal stimulation, he went once but hasn't gone anymore for 2 days, read in one of the websites you can give a kitten Karo syrup, to give some droplets by mouth or in his food, we're hoping it works. I was so grateful to have found this website because there for a second i thought i was doing something wrong, and come to find out i'm not alone at this.
Thank You!

by: jacqueline

I have read all the poor sad stories about the poor cats)kitten,s,i was looking at google asking if it was Normal for my little precious kitten to scream in pain while she done a poo,it,s like she,s constipated but it,s just right,a worry in case there is a twisted bowel as she was the runt,,My heart goes out to you,s all who have the same problem a don,t feel so alone but it does not take the pain a way from precious,little darling so she is,a put a little vasaline on her butt&it seems to help&i massage her butt&tummy as well,will be asking the vet next week if there,s a miracle cure as ahave tried everything including changing patient,s food as well,hope all you kitten,s&cat,s get well, god bless love you,s all Jacqueline Massie Brechin.

Having the exact same problem with my kitten!
by: Spas

It's almost scary how much your kitten's age, situation and problems mirror my own! I can't find a post date for this conversation, though, so would you be so kind as to share what the eventual outcome with The General was??? My poor Kraken was found in the woods along with his much larger brothers when he was appx 6-7 weeks old. Unfortunately, all three of the vets that I've taken him to could do nothing about his broken leg or swollen bum :/ I have been told repeatedly that him screaming during defecation, having poo hanging out of his bum and stuck in his fur, and a butt the size of a golf ball are all nothing major, but it's been 3 weeks and he's not getting better :( I massage his tummy, give him a helping of olive oil mixed in with fancy feast canned kitten food and wash him daily even though he gets vicious when I touch his rear. We have to keep him locked up most of the day so he doesn't leave poop bombs everywhere. Our cats want their little buddy to come out and play so bad that they hang out by his door and purr at him. I've tried everything that you have plus some laxatose (sp?) that the last vet prescribed (it made him worse), but I'm at my wits end here. Any suggestions??

by: Mel

I read somewhere that massaging their anus area or so helps kittens with elimination. I not completely sure it is just as I say, but I used to massage my cats bottom. That helped relax her when I first got her.
Also I hear pumkin (canned)helps in constipation for cats. Make sure to get the recommended amount for a kitten.
Bless your heart for taking her in. I'm sure with all the care she will get better.

My kitten screams when he has to go poo.
by: Trudy

I have a three week old kitten, He is the last one born of three. He is still nursing but he eats we have to keep the floor swept because he is like a little hoover. He has been screaming since he was born. we almost named him screech until we realized it was only when he went to the bathroom. I am really worried about him. If he doesn't get better by Monday, I am going to take him to the vet. Ive tried rubbing his belly and i just don't know what to do for him.

comment from Kate
He may well be constipated. Make sure he gets plenty of fluids and keep rubbing his tummy. but if nothing still happens or he scrams in pain then you will have to take him to the vets as soon as you can as he may have a blockage.

\i hope he is ok

the general
by: Anonymous

I have an 8mos kitten that has had the same problems off and on, and I had her on dry food. I took her to the vet and they gave her a prescription for something that would stimulate and another that would lubricate. She still was having problems so I switched her to moist food twice a day, no dry food, and I put a little laxatone in the food (you can get it from your vet)maybe every 3 or 4 days.


Poop problems
by: Anonymous

My kitten is the same age as yours and having the same problems with consitipation. I've wormed him thinking it was the tape worms. He was good for a day so I thought it was solved and than boom baby is having poop problems again. I gave him some digestive enzymes to see if that would ease the problem but it hasn't. I'll try the cotton ball. Poor thing just keeps trying to poop and than he walks around with poop hanging out his butt. When I gave him milk it turned to major diarrea so I returned back to soft food and kibble. This is the 3rd day and my vet thought it was due to worms. Maybe i might have to take him in for that enyma thing. I didn't know they gave kittens enyma's.

comment by Kate
Probably best to take him to the vet and get him cleared out. Then hopefully his system can get back to normal.
Cats are allergic to lactose which is in cows milk and will give them the runs which can upset their system so much that they can get constipated afterwards, ao you did the right thing by taking him off that. You can buy little bottles of cats milk which has had the lactose removed.
Hope your kitty is better soon. :)

Update! :)
by: Anonymous

Hello! I just want to thank you again for all of your help and support! This website is WONDERFUL!
Well, the General went to the vet, and they said he was constipated this time. They gave him an Enema, and he is a MUCH HAPPIER little guy!
We're hoping his diet of dry kitten food will help him to be albe to start having regular BMs and no more pain or suffering for the little guy. Thank you so much, once again for all of your help and support! Good luck to all of you and your little babies!!! :)

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your comments! We made an appointment for The General this afternoon, and I will update you after the appointment. I just wanted to thank you guys for your help. We were told to try and stimulate his anus with a warm wet cottonball by the first Vet that we went to, and we DID do that for a while. It's just hard because I am afraid to touch it too much It's swollen, and like I mentioned, he YELLS at us whenever we touch it. In fact, the second vet said that he thinks his anus is irritated from the diarrhea and it actually looked as if someone had taken sandpaper to it. :( I am afraid to hurt him. When I clean him, I do it as GENTLY as I can, and he still YELLS- poor lil guy! Thank you so much for your comments, and I will let you know what happens to the General at his vet appointment. :)

The General
by: Leila

What a sweet little kitten The General is and how worrying for you to hear and see his distress. Apart from the advice already given Idon't have anything to help you with.I just wanted to tell you I'm hoping everything sorts out for you and your beautiful little kitty

Please let us all know how he goes on.


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