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OK, so my cat, named Luna, has a serious problem ( or so we think)! we noticed she had a bald spot on her hind leg a couple months ago. It looked like our knuckle, it was bald with no hair and it looked painful, but she didnt seem to notice it at all. None the less, a couple weeks or so pass, and we notice her bald spot is know BLOODY!! so freak out time,and we all wondered why it had been so drastic from a a bald patch to this! It is right on her bend at the hind leg, a problematic place for healing time ( said the vet!) so we take her in and it keeps getting bloodier and messier and out of control. We all wonder why, just to find out that she has been licking ti constantly. She is licking and licking and has licked it raw. My mom found this out by coming home and finding blood all over the floor and her in th middle licking this anywayz, we have been to a vet and they have prescribed cotrizone and a floppy cone one that is made fom material, not plastic because she got too depresserd with the other one on. ) ANYWAYZ, I have three questions:

1. How did this come about--> how was this caused or what would have made th epatch of fur come off?

Answer by Kate
Could be several things, a bite from a insect or parasite or another cat if they go out or a scratch. i wouldn't dwell on what caused it, it was probably just a one off as she does not appear to have other bald spots elsewhere.

2. How long will it take to heal?
Answer, that depends on whether or not you can prevent the cat from licking the area. You should notice some improvement in a few days and then over a week to a month or so the area should clear up.

3. How does she keep licking it constantly, though it is putting her ina worse situation
Answer, because it is probably either sore or itchy and licking it is her way of trying to make it feel better. She will not understand that it is making it worse. that is why it is important for her not to be able to reach it. the creams the vet gave you should stop it being itchy or too sore.

Thx sooo much

I hope she is better soon
best wishes Kate


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my cat has something like this
by: LeeAnn

My cat came home the other night and had a bald spot on his neck and clear stuff was oozing out of it, the next day all I seen was blood. What can I do to help him? Can I put neosporn or something like that on it?

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