Help my cat is sick I think

by Roi Ann Davis
(Troy, Ohio Miami County)

My cat ran out the door and ran off for 3 weeks and finally came home. She had fleas bad so we bathed her but we noticed how skinny she was but she was eating. Now she is not eating and when she did she threw up green stuff. we boiled rice with a raw egg and a tiny bit chicken gravy as a vet said that we could get ahold of. She smelled it and walked away but then ate a little bit. Later she did have a bowel movement. today we gave her the same thing, fresh of course and she has ate a little more than yesterday and has drank fresh watewr and is more active and seems more happy.

Since she is better I am going tomorrow as the vet on the phone said and get her canned cat food with rice and chicken and rice and turkey and make sure I give her fresh water 4 times a day.

Since she is acting better should I keep up the good work and see how she does for a week as the vet office suggested since II am on SSDI and none accept credit or try to find another vet I don't know and see if another would take her on credit Sometimes they say they did this and this and they have done really nothing but a shot. Please answer asap.
Thank you very much
Ms. Roi Ann Davis

Answer by Kate
I would only keep up the plain diet for a few days until she starts to eat her own cat food again. Don t give her any cows milk as this can give them diarrhea on fresh water.

it sounds to me like she may just be malnourished and the fleas would have made her ill too, so lets hope that now you have treated her and she is eating again that in a week or two she will be on the road to recovery.

As for the fleas the flea bath is only good in extreme cases but should not be done often and she needs to be protected from the fleas by a spot on treatment and one that is from a vets office or pet store. Some sport on treatments are useless, use only the quality ones such as frontline or advantage.

If you can get her to see a vet it would be a good idea as she may need some antibiotics.

I have some pages about fleas treatments etc which you may find of help

I hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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