Help my cat is sick

by Kealie

My cat is eating a bit less...not much. He drinks water but not as much as he should. He seems fairly healthy and plays with me alot and is very active. However, he recently had the diherra and I stopped with the wet food but I havent seen him poop at all. He started sneezing today and has been puking for awhile and b/c e is a DLH so Im not sure if its b/c of his hair. He voided out of his litter box a few times but a majority of the time he does use it. He had blood in his stool once- but I think it was from the bad diherra. I don't know what to think. He is my best friend and I cant live without him. I took him to the vet two days ago for a check up and flea treatment and they did nothing for 200 dollars. Im a student in college and I cant afford to run all these tests. Which test would be the best to maybe find out the root of the problem. Fecal, uranalysis or blood? I cant afford all of them and I dont know where to start. And if its serious it could be too late.

Answer by Kate
Hi i can understand your problem as the symptoms area bit vague. I assume the vets advised you of what they thought needed to be done, test wise. the problem is some vets lets say are not necessarily always in it for the cats sake lets say. Sadly some are driven by money and do suggest all sorts of tests which may or may not be needed. the trouble is they are the ones best
placed to diagnose.

I am not a vet but i would say that blood work tests are for testing for issues such as diabetes, thyroid problems, cancers etc whereas faecal tests are looking for bacteria for things like e.coli.

If I were you I would not panic just yet, give your cat a few more days to perhaps recover from what may just be a slight tummy bug or even a cold. All of which can make a cat go off their food for a while and perhaps upset there tummy. Give him a plain diet for the next few days to see if it helps his tummy ( I have pages on this site about both cat diarrhoea ad cat constipation both have further details of what to do)

If after a few more days to a week if the symptoms persist or if he gets worse then you will have to take him back to the vets for more tests. Blood work can be expensive but there are different blood tests which costs different things. the vet SHOULD give you a guide as to what might be the problem and suggest the right test for you. He may not even need blood test, the vet should be your guide and remember if you are not confident in your vet, find another. I have changed several times and now have a fantastic one who I would trust with my life let alone my cats. A good vet should give lots of advice and give you options.

Sorry I could not be more definite but it is impossible to give exact advice over the internet. i hope I have been of some help though

best wishes Kate

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