help my kitten is sick

by brianna

my kitten is sick she is mostly asleep and she doesn't nurse, she is skinny and the mom cat keeps putting her under the couch and walks away what do you call this

Answer by Kate
Hi well it could be that this kitten is the runt of the litter and the mother cat knows this and is removing it from the rest of the litter.

Your kitten really needs to see a vet urgently if it has any chance of survival. They can't live very long if they are not feeding. Sorry but if you can, please take them to see a vet soon

best wishes Kate

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Abandoned kitten
by: Anonymous

Hi, unfortunately sometimes if a kitten is born with a defect (abnormality) the mother can sense this and sometimes sadly her instinct is to neglect/abandon the kitten as she knows its weak and this gives the healthy remaining kittens a better chance of survival, as cruel as it may be/seem, she is just doing whats best for the rest of her littre. (Animals can be so cruel!) But thats just nature, best idea still to take it to a vet and have it checked ASAP aswell as the other kittens just to be safe. Sonetimes these things just happen and there's no explanation!-also it could be if you handled that kitten but not the rest, she may very well be rejecting it for that reason.. some animals do , do this if humans have contact with their babies. But no animals ive had have ever done that though. But it can be the case every animal is different and had their own unique behavioral pattens. Good luck I hope the wee wittle kitty makes it!!

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