Help my kitten is sick

Hello my name is kimberly and I have a 4 month old kitten named lola whom I dearly love..I also have 4 year old kitten named problem is with my kitten she was playful and loving and everything..never been outside or anything and then yesterday all of a sudden she was lethargic and wouldnt move or anything..wont eat or drink and I seen her throw up but it was white foamy looking stuff..I took her upstairs with me when I went to bed to keep an eye on her and when I woke up I couldnt find her so i looked under my bed and there she was...she is the same today if not worse and she acts like she is dying...what could possibly be wrong and should I keep my 4 year old cat away from her..??

Answer by Kate
There is no way of knowing what is wrong with your cat without an exmination. It could be something simply like a 24 hour virus or even a hairball, but equally it could be something which they need medical treatment for. Please take your kitten to the vet if she is still the same. Kittens can go downhill fast if left untreated and dehydration can set in quickly if they stop eating and drinking. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

I hope she is better soon
best wishes Kate

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by: Sania

The same thing with my cat except he swallowed string! If u wait 2 long then ur kittens will die! So wat i did was went 2 the vet, she gave medicine. If he swallowed something then need surgery..But in the mean time, keep ur other kitten away!!!

I had to give my kitten Coconut the ASPCA because my parents cant afford surgery :( So i will never see him again :(

But he is safe and will have a better owner...

Hope ur kitten feels better :)

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