help!! my kitty her butt looks sore i think its hurtin her

my cats butt is enlarged and red. shes spayed. over weight. and eats alot of temption treats. please tell me shes not gona die....n and shes 3 or 4 years old. yes i over feed her because when i found her yaers ago she was pregnat and all bones... butt she cries and cries for these treats so i give them to her soo her diet to faten her up when i found her. has really stayed the same. i do want to change her eatin habits.she also drinks alot of water... and i spent over 1,500 in vet bills... she almost died givin birth to those babies. and i got her fixed and her shots are up to date and she takes viralys in her food to help her eye problems that she has too...and now her butt looks sore..

Answer by Kate
Hi well she could have an infection in that area that could require antibiotics from the vet.
or she may have worms or some other parasite inside or around the area that could also be causing the soreness.

to be honest she does needs to be properly diagnosed by a vet for you to be able to treat her properly and to cure the issue.

if you do go to the vet you could also ask for some diet advice as an over weight cat can suffer from health problems in the future.

best wishes and I hope the problem sorts itself out soon.


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cat bath
by: Anonymous

i have a maine coon cat which is already the largest pure bred cat breed...and he eats too much so both of those factors together causes him to be a very large fat cat. Because hes so big he has a hard time cleaning his rectum area. So after he poops he cant clean his butt and therefore poop gets stuck and dried in his hair. So he licks his bottom non stop all the time. Because hes overweight and cant clean himself properly he licks his bottom to the point where its red, blood and irritated. I know that this is my cats issues due to him being overweight and this may be your cats issues. But really at the end of the day seeing a vet is best

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