Help! Sick Male Cat-Boots

by Elizabeth
(Des Plaines)

Please help!

I have a 7 year old male in-door cat, "Boots" who is the love of my life. On Friday (today is the following Thursday morning) I noticed 2 spots of milky white vomit, which over the next few days including Monday ("Labor Day") continued off an on. The milky substance was replaced with visible food which was being vomited up. Prior to vomiting Boots lets out a few howls and then proceeds to vomit, almost like with a hairball. I took him to the vet on Tuesday morning and his fecal was normal and they did a blood test all which came back normal. They gave him some fluids as he has not wanted any food/water. The next night he was OK but then on Weds morning I tried to put a little wet (vet prescribed food) into his bowl and he began to vomit upon seeing this. I took him back to vet for an x-ray which came back normal. I am so frusturated as I am now being told to give him 2 1/4 size pills 2x's a day which he hates and still no drinking or food! I am very concerned. He is a healthy 13 1/2 lb. cat but not eating/drinking is making me worried to death. The vet wants to treat it as pancreatitis. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?? Please anything will be helpful.
Concerned Mommy

Answer by Kate
I have no experience of Pancreatitis and so can't really comment. Does anyone else have any suggestions.

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any luck?
by: Sarah

My 7 yr old male is acting the same as you mentioned above? Have you had any luck on figuring out what was wrong with him? I've tried feeding him every can of wet food at Petco and Petsmart and no it wasn't cheap at all but I'm desparate for him to pull through this?!

Cat being sick
by: Anonymous

Hi, My cat is 16 and I adopted her, now had her for 2 years and she is sick at least once a week, sometimes I think she does this for attention, as it always happens when I am in bed, never in the day, at first it scared me, as she made a terrible noise and a tiny piece of food would appear or bile, she did go through a stage of not eating, but I think she needs more variety, which has helped. don't fret to much.

Sounds to me like she may have a fur ball. My cat goes through periods like this too. check out the website for advice on hairballs.

Patches is my live.
by: Lilly

My cat is a male age around 2 1/2 old and for able a 10days he does not eat well, can not jump on or off anything. He seems to be

having pain, His mewo is sad, please help me I have losed alot lately and do not want to lose my cat.

All I can say is that if you care for your cat and you really feel that he is in pain etc then your only option is to take him to see a vet as soon as possible.


Same WIth My Cat
by: Georgia Girl

My kitty is female, 8 years old, strictly indoor cat. She would throw up now and then, but normally eats all the time. She eats Tuna, water and Purina Dry Food for Indoor cats. All of sudden she started meowing then throwing up a milky substance. She did this for 2 days, the 3rd day she was fine, then did it again the following day. I took her to the vet, they did blood work, xrays, and could find NOTHING wrong. Now she is not eating AT ALL, just hovers around her bowl. She has licked up a little cat nip. Otherwise she is acting normal, going to her cat box, though not as often. I'm upset, as I don't have lots of $$ to spend, and the vet all ready cost me 315.00. HELP! :-(

Answer from Kate
Umm i wonder if she has a hairball? Although i would have thought that the vet would have mentioned that to you

Her behavior definitely would suggest that something is wrong, perhaps see if a hairball treatment can help if not than unfortunately your only other option is to take her back to the vet again sorry.

best wishes Kate

here's what i think
by: Anonymous

your cat probably doesn't like the food your giving him because my cat puked and i gave him different food and he was ok and i dont know why hes not drinking any water probably try giving him some milk and some tuna

Cool Article for Help! Sick Male Cat-Boots
by: Tim

I just wanted to post this cool article for you.


Sick Male Cat-Boots
by: Anonymous

My cat Coz has the same symptoms, he is 11 years old, 12 lbs and never sick a day in his life accept vomiting s once in a while.


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