Help with a newly adoped cat

I brought home an adopted cat who as supposedly 3-4 yrs old although I'm comparing her to my other cat and this new one looks like a kitten. Anyway she hasn't eaten a thing since I brought her home on Monday night and has only had very little water. She is loving, like to sit our my map and gives me head butts but she has been sleeping all day as well. She doesn't play, and doesn't seem affected by catnip. So far she's only peed 3 times in her box. What do you think is the matter with her?

You did not say where you got her from. I ask this because if she came from a good animal shelter she should have been checked for any possible illness. If she came from a private source then it is possible that she may be sick and it may be a good idea to have her checked over by a vet to be on the safe side.

Some cats can take a few days to settle into a new home and may not eat for a day or so but this is normally very short lived as cats are very inquisitive creatures who adapt well to change etc.

Personally i think it would be a good idea anyway to have her looked at by a vet to give her a sort of medical.

If there is a problem it is impossible to say what it could be from her symptoms as they are quite general.

I hope she settles down soon and i hope you have a long and happy life together.


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More info on the adopted cat
by: Anonymous

She was adopted from an animal shelter... She still hasn't eaten and it's been 4 1/2 days. She drinks but not very much. She doesn't hide though and loves to sit on our laps or stomach. She is supposed to be anywhere from 1-4 yrs old but compared to our 11 yr old cat who loves to play, this new one is lethargic. She has only peed and not pooped at all yet. The shelter said she tested negative for feline aids and also got a shot for the cat equivalent of kennel cough. We have a vet appt for Monday but am concerned for the weekend.

Reply from Kate
Umm yes something is definitely up. All you can do is to make sure she does get enough water, if she will not drink try spooning some into her to prevent dehydration.

I hope the vet can help her on Monday.

all the best kate

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