Helping our cat to go out

by Gil


My girlfriend and I have a male cat (three years old), he's not neutered, and we would like to avoid having him neutered, even though we're aware that most of the authorities on the matter suggest this is the way to go. The problem we are having, is that he is quite a nervous cat, and afraid to go out (we live on the second floor of an apartment building). As a result, he is urinating frequently (sometimes several times a day) in our home.

We are doing everything we can to help him explore the great outdoors, but progress is in tiny increments, and he remains afraid of heading out on his own. What I also find interesting, is that every time he does wonder up or down a floor, he seems to get disorientated, and appears to think that the flat directly above or below ours is home. No amount of cajouling, persuading, or pastrami can convince him that he's got the wrong address. He's probably wondering what we're up to. We usually have to pick him and take him part of the way. I'm surprised that his sense of smell doesn't point the way home.

Aside from neutering, is there anything we can do to help him.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer by Kate
when you say go out i don't know if you mean go outside your flat but still inside your building or out outside.

if you mean out outside then it would be inadvisable considering that your cat is not neutered, aside from the nuisance of having another male cat causing unwanted pregnancies everywhere, it is also likely that he will get into fights with other cats. Some of the injuries can be quite nasty.

As for his nervousness, well unfortunately some cats are just this way. My sister had a cat who just hated to go out. Although he did have a eyesight issue so that could have been the cause. Are you sure your cat does not have an eye sight or hearing problem as this could add to his reluctance to go out.

Basically all you can do is to keep taking him out and staying with him and over time he may build up his confidence.

I am not sure of why you are reluctant to have your cat neutered. This would certainly help prevent his urinating in your home and then perhaps the issue of going outside would not be so much a issue.

there are even health benefit for your cat. i have a web page about this here

I wish you all the best


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