My female cat is aprox 12 years old. Stays inside at night and out most days if the weather is ok. She sleeps with me.

I noticed Friday that she seemed lethargic. today I noted more inactivity, lack of appetite and dark yellow on the inside rim of her ears. She is the typical alley cat look, dark gray and white, Has been well cared for and loved. Could this lethargic, lack of appetite and jaudice look around the inside of both ears be hepatitis???

reply by kate
Sorry this quetion needs to be directed to a qualified Vet. perhaps someone here will have some knowledge of tis. I know we have some regular visitors with a medical vetinary background.

Comments for hepatits????

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Hepatitis in senior cat
by: Mary in NC

Hello, I wanted to reply to your question as I have had some dealings with this in my own rescue.
(Feline Hepatic Lipidosis) also commonly called
Fatty Liver Disease is one of many conditions that older cats are prone to.
This comes from their metabolic break down of fats and protein which is thrown off balance sometimes in older cats for a variety of reasons.

One of the signs of this disease is the yellowish color inside the flap od their w\ears and if your cat will allow it, you might want to look inside the mouth at the roof of the mouth and back of the throat to see if it also appears to be yellow.

This disease sometimes is treatable and reversable if caught in time but let me say that this is a fatal disease if not caught and treated by your vet in speedy time.
The lethargy is also a huge symptom of this disease.
Has your cat not been eating normally lately?
Have you notice a weight loss recently?

Here is a good informative link on this disease for you to read up on.


However PLEASE know that time is imperative now for your cat.
You need to call your vet TODAY and tell him these symptoms and have the cat seen ASAP.
I do not want to alarm you but this is a fast paced disease that cannot go untreated and will not reverse its self without veterinary care.

Bless your heart, I know your concerned and I wish you and your kitty only the best.
Please let us know here how your kitty does.
I will be worried until I hear back about the kittys progress.
I will say a prayer too.

Mary in NC

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