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Cat Health The Holistic Pet Care Way 

Using herbs for cats and other pets is nothing new.

In fact animals have been self administering herbs to their diets since time began and is in fact how humans first discovered which plants could be used to promote health or cure illnesses.

The rise of chronic disease and immune deficiency in our pets is on the increase and as such many owners are looking for natural and safe types of holistic pet care to treat their pets more affectively.

This is where herbs for cats can be a tool in treating and preventing illness.

The Three Philosophies

When talking about holistic pet care and using herbal treatments to promote good cat health, there are three main philosophies to describe the ways herbs are used.

Ayurvedic Medicine - Remedies are chosen based on the individuals metabolic type, symptoms or disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Looks at the flow of energy through the body.

Western Herbalism - A mixture of both of the above where the body is viewed as a whole. Herbs are used to stimulate healing from within.

How Are Herbs For Cats Administered?

There are many ways in which herbs can be administered to your cat both internally and externally. Cats better absorb tinctures than tablets and so is the preferred administration method.

  • External Tinctures - these are applied to the outside of the body, such as in the use of creams and ointments.

  • Internal Tinctures - These are often based with either alcohol or glycerine and are often added to food or water, or taken like a dose of medicine. The alcohol content is very small and can be evaporated off before administration if preferred by leaving in a cup for about fifteen minutes.

  • Tablets/capsules - these are mainly used for herbs that cannot be formulated into a tincture.

Dandelion / Milk Thistle

Stimulate and protect liver function


Helps maintain normal function of immune system

How Can Herbs Be Used For In Promoting Optimum Pet Health? 

Herbs can be used to treat specific illness and dysfunctions just like conventional medicine.

An example of this is Milk Thistle, which is used for the detoxification of the liver and can be bought in liquid form in a simple dropper such as Animals' Apawthecary Dandelion / Milk Thistle

This can simply be added to your cats food or water, or to be given directly into their mouth.

Always make sure instructions are followed properly, especially regarding your pets weight, age and the corresponding dosages.

They can also be used as tonics to maintain good cat health by stimulating your pet's own system and restoring vitality.

An example of an herbal remedy that does this is Siberian Ginseng, often administered to older cats whose system may be weakened. Animals' Apawthecary OL-Immune is a tincture of this nature.

The array of holistic pet care remedies that are available can be confusing and to take the guess work out of your choice of medicine it is always best to seek professional advice. This is especially true if your cat is also being treated with conventional medicine.

Guidelines For Using Herbs For Cats

  • Any type of pet health treatment should be administered following the direction by a qualified veterinarian following a full assessment and proper diagnosis.
  • Herbs work better if your pet is given the best possible conditions to thrive in, so it is important that your cat is also receiving good quality food for optimum nutritional benefits.
  • Only introduce one herbal remedy at a time. It is important that you are sure that the herb has a benefit to your pet and that there are no intolerances.
  • Dosages may have to be altered if any ill effects are seen in your pet. If vomiting, diarrhoea or other pet health problems occur, stop the medicine and resume at a lower dosage two days later to see if the lower dose can be tolerated.
  • Herbal remedies take time to build up in the system and so immediate results should not be expected. Results should be seen between 3 days and a week depending on the illness and the cat's particular vitality.
  • Never use inferior medicines for your pet, as these can be more harmful than do good. There are many reliable companies who supply good quality cat health products and herbal medicines for pets. One such company of which I am very impressed with their range of herbs for cats and holistic pet care remedies for pets is the "Only Natural Pet Store".

Special Note: This page is not intended to replace the advice of a professional vet. If your pet is ill, you should always seek the advice of a professional. 

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