Highly strung cat

by eve

I have a 2 cat that are both 5 years old but 1 is very highly strung!!!

Our house is the most chilled house he could possibly want & he has more than enough attention but always craves more, he's constantly round our feet even after we have given him lots of attention & cuddles.

When he was a kitten we had a litter tray but slowly we got rid of that but over the past year he has started to poo in his food bowl, he knows he is doing wrong (i know that sounds weird!!!) because he runs off with his head down but he continues to do it. The vet has told me that i should put down litter tray but i know if i do he will actually come inside to poo!!! The vets say he is stressed & recommend a feliway plug or tablets.

We live in a area that has quite a few cats & because he is so soppy i believe he won't fight the cats that come into his garden, which leads to him getting beaten up then he constantly licks his wounds & irritates them until they are so sore, he also licks his fur a lot until some parts of him are bald - the vets just says this is stress.


Answer by KAte
One of the facts of life is that some cats are just more highly strung than others no matter what their circumstances are. It sounds to me like this little guy may also be a little bit clingy to you and this is really no good for him at all.

Please dont take this the wrong way but i wonder if your anxieties about this are actually being transferred to your cat. its just the way you have worded your question which suggest this. Sorry just an observation which i may be totally wrong about, but thought worth mentioning.

as for having a littler tray in the house. i have two 1.5 year cats now who i have had since they were 4 months old. they used the litter tray at first but know only go outside. i keep the litter tray for emergencies and the cats seem to know this. generally cats will prefer to go outside.

the pooing in his food bowl is another sign of anxiety and is quite common. Its not that he is being bad etc but it is a way of comforting himself, sounds odd to us i know but in the cat world scent is everything.

can I give you a few pages to read on my site which I think you will find useful.




best wishes Kate

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