hole in Cat's tail

by Brandi

My cat got out a few days ago and was gone for the entire night- when we found her the next day she was very moody, since then she has a hole on her tail (pea size)- the underside near her butt, and there is now no fur around it (about the shape/size of a stick of gum). She was in heat when she went out... She is very moody, spending most her time under beds and if we pet her it can only be her head/neck area if we get near her butt/tail she gets mad..... did she get hurt, pregnate????

Answer by Kate
Hi well her moddiness is obviously to do with her being in heat. As for the missing fur etc well it is impossible to say what cased it. She may have been bitten there, she may ahve been mated (although the wound would not be caused by that), She may have a rarasite problem in that ara which has caused the wound. It really is impossible to say.

make sure she is protected from fleas and worms etc by giving her a monthly treatment.

Check the wound in a few days to see if it is healing or not. If she was bitten she may get an infection which will need treatment from vet.

As to whether or not she is pregnant, well all you can do is wait and see really. f she does not go into heat again within the next few weeks then it is quite possible that she is pregnant. Cats do not show until quite late in their pregnancy. The vet may be able to test her urine etc.

best wishes Kate

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