Honey and Garfie

by Kathryn
(Portland, Oregon)

Years ago I had a cat named Big Boy, and he was hit by a car and died after having him 4 years. I was devastated.

Fast forward 12 years....I was living in an apartment complex and debated back and forth about getting a cat. I have always loved cats, and since I do not have kids I thought it would be nice to have company. My fear, or course, was my cat getting hit by a car.....I couldn't take it again.

One day, I noticed a couple little teeny kittens wandering by the bushes (right next to my apartments). They looked to be maybe a month old (if that). I was concerned they would get hit by a car, so I took them inside. I asked around, and no one knew where they came from. I thought I did not want the responsibility, and tried to bring them to an animal control shelter, where they informed me that they were too young and they would euthanize them (I cringe when I think about that). I was not about to leave them there, and as I walked to my car, they were both looking up at me with these teeny little eyes and faces, and I broke.

I decided they would be indoor kitties. I will not lose another cat to a car. It has been almost 4 years now, and they are the loves of my life.They ARE my life....LOL! We are in it for the long haul.

They do not like people, though.....they only like me, and do not even like other people to touch them. I am fairly certain they were feral kittens, so it makes sense. They both snuggle up to me so close every night, and I believe that bedtime is their favorite part of the day....as soon as I go to bed, they run in there with me, and get ready to take their rightful places (one in the crook of my arm, they other wrapped around my head with her "arms"around me).

It was like it was fate for them and I to become a family. We couldn't be happier.


Comment by Kate
what a great story. I love a happy ending.

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