Hot Weather and Cat Care

by Kate

Shelley Trying To Keep Cool

Shelley Trying To Keep Cool

Hot weather is great for us humans, well especially here in the UK this year as we have been waiting for it for some time. However our poor cats in their fur coats may suffer a bit in the heat.

Both our cats Byron and Shelley have really been feeling a little sorry for themselves, not knowing where to go to cool down. Unfortunately when it is really ht, even the shade can still be rather uncomfortable for them.

Anyway i wanted to not only point out what we can do for our cats to help them cope with the heat but also how our cats behaviour can change in hot weather.

What to do to help your cat in hot weather

• Always make sure that you put fresh water out for them and preferably in several spots inside and out. Water can evaporate quickly in hot weather so check it every day.

• Provide some extra shade in the garden and outside spaces for your cats so that they can move around and around the sun during the day. We have put a parasol up in the garden and also have several chairs placed around the garden which the cats like to shade under.

• Fleas - Hot weather encourages flea eggs to hatch which may have been lying dormant in long grass or even soft furnishings. Make sure that you give your cat their flea treatment once a month during the summer.

Changes to cats' behaviour in hot weather

Disappearing Cats - Some of you may find that you see your cats less during hot weather. This is nothing to worry about as they are either trying to find cooler spots in the area, or may even be seeking out ponds. They may also prefer to be out over night then be in a hot stuffy house.

In hot weather the insect count goes up as well as other small critters moving around more trying to find their own shade etc. This is heaven for our cats, which can spend their days staking out possible hiding places. Our cat Byron in particular can be gone for over 12 hours a day hunting insects (he never catches many though.

Food - you may also notice that your cat may eat less during hot spells. This is also usually nothing to worry about. Often their appetites decrease and they prefer to either drink more or in my cats case simply lick all the moisture out of their food but not actually eat it.

Your cat may lose some weight during hot spells and again this is normal. Just keep an eye on them and if you are particularly worried that they are losing too much weight or are not eating at all then take them for a check up at the vets.

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