Household Upsidedown Two Cats Warring

by Vincent

Good Morning Folks ,

I have taken in a stray male tiger cat , about 7 months ago, who was marking his territory all around my home , outside , and then inside a couple times . That's when I chose to adopt him and take responsibility and get him neutered , in which I thought would stop this problem of spraying .

I have had several cats for years that are all fixed and get along great , and a pet door for them for good exersize and a little freedom , 2 males and a few females .

This cat ,which I chose to call ," Grayling " now kinda is disrupting the household , in the beginning, there was fighting going on with Grayling attacking the other 2 males , that went on for a while , but now he seems to have left the smaller male go on about his business with no attacks , but he is sly and is still attacking the other big strong male , who is about the same size ,who I call Oreo ,a black and white Tabby , and Oreo is licking some of his hare off his body , probably because of stress , and is now living on guard all the time , which is unfair to him .

So , The Question :
What type of deturrent can I use or Do ,to stop Grayling from marking his territory in the house ? I now use Renuzit order neutralizer , it helps ,but.

What can I do about the attacks ? It now seems like Grayling has taken over , he lays around with his feet up in the air like King TuT ! While
Oreo is living on guard all the time . It seems like I have taken in a Jykell and Hyde Monster , but he is also loveable, Help !

Thank You in Avance ,

Answer by Kate
well what you describe is normal natural cat behavior. Where you have several cats living together on the same territory there will always be a fight to be top cat there is nothing you can do about this.

What normally happens is that the to cats will fights it out and one will become top cat whilst the other takes a more backward step out of the scene. Now this can be stressful and often the cats will continue to fight if the undercat decided to try and take back control. Again there is not much you can do about this.

At the moment the undercat is very anxious by the sounds of it, the over grooming is an indication of this.

I f I were you i would isolate oreo for about three days in a room on his own with his own bed, toys litter tray etc. this will give him time to calm down and relax as he wont have the worry of the other cat. the I would gradually reintroduce him to the other cat by using the safe method ie with one of them in a cage. if you do this over a few days it can help to give the cats back some confidence with each other. See this page for more on this

If this does not work then there are things you can give a anxious cat to stop them over grooming etc, see here

best wishes Kate

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