How can I comb my feisty Persian?!

by Maggie

I have a little female Persian who is about 8-10 months old (they weren't sure of her age when we adopted her). We were told that she was combed everyday and didn't mind it at all. Well, we have had her for 6 months now and she still will not let me comb her!! She's ok with her back and a little iffy of her sides but she will not let me comb on her chest/stomach and "armpit" area. She will literally growl at me before she starts biting and scratching. I had to have her shaved in November because she got so matted on her tummy and armpits. She doesn't react like this when I pet her tummy. Her armpits are starting to get matted again already!! I have tried everything I can come up with and I don't want to have to shave her like a little lion again (she didn't seem to like that much either); and I love all that Persian hair. Any tips or advice?! Thanks!!

Answer from Kate
Umm difficult. She is happy to be touched on the tummy area is she. So she should be happy to have that area gently brushes every day.

have you tried one of those grooming mittens for your hand, She may be less suspicious of this if she is happy to be touched there.

Also leave the combing brushes around all the time for her to get used to seeing and smelling etc. this will reduce her fear of them.

Basically it is a case of being persistent, regular ie a little every day until she gets so used to it that it doesn't worry her.

unfortunately if she is already a little mated in that area it will already be very painful for her to be groomed. So it may be an idea to have her professionally groomed again and then to start afresh after that. this way she will get used to it before her fur gets long again and will also prevents any matts from forming and causing her pain. Also ask the groomers about the best brushes for a Persians fur, there are lots of different types of brushes suited to different fur types.

best wishes kate

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