How can i stop cats pooping in my garden.

by Busy Lady

My neighbour got a cat about a year ago and he has found a spot right in the middle of the lawn that he loves pooping in, with the cold winter we haven't really been going out there much, but i took my daughter out earlier and counted about 15 poops within the area. Not only does it look awful but i had to keep my daughter contained to a small section of the garden as i couldn't get them all up. How can i deter the cat without harming him. I've been searching on-line and found no answers please help!!!

Answer from KAte
I believe their are some garden pet off granules you can buy to sprinkle around your garden which is designed to deter cats from fouling in the garden. However i have never used any myself and so cannot recommned any particular brand etc. they should be available from garden centers etc and should be cat safe.

I have heard of other people putting cat scarer's in the garden. these range from shiny objects such as old cds hung at the bottom of plants to devices which emit a sound which again deters cats.

Apart from these measures i don't know what else you can do. It is unusual for a cat not to bury their waste though so i am wondering if the cat is using it as some sort of territory marker. In which case the behavior is completely natural for the cat and although not pleasant for us, will hopefully be a temporary issue until the cat feels more confident of his area.

best wishes Kate

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