How did my cat die and why no one noticed her?

by Shelley Kong

So after my cat "died", I still continued to call for her in the garden and looking in the streets. I thought I was going through the stage of denial. Then on August 10, while I was lying on the couch with the other two cats, thinking about her, I heard the crying of a cat. I immediately rushed out and called her name but found no cat. I told myself," Shelley, you are going nuts!" So I went back into the house.....

That night, I noticed that the light of the parking space went on. I told my partner and he said may be it was started by one of the cats walking there. I didn't give it more thought.
The next evening, I noticed that one of the cats was missing, so I called him and looked under a tree and saw a motionless cat body. I screamed in horror, thinking another cat has died again. My partner came and pulled out the dead cat--It was the cat we had been thought dead for 5 weeks.
So the cat we had found 2 miles from the house and then buried was not her!

My question is-- How was it possible that during 5 weeks, no one noticed her presence? We were constantly in the garden with the other two cats. Why didn't she come forward? How did she die? There was no injury! She didn't even look thin. Her eyes were open and her mouth closed
Thinking back,
I did notice poop in the outside tray two times, but other than that, no other sign. I thought it could have been left by the other two cats!

The only comfort is-- She was not lost. She knew that she died next to her mistress and her cat friends. I blamed myself for letting her out only after 8 days, leading her to be disoriented while searching for the old house and got hit by a car. It was another cat, an unknown kitty whose owner must be panicking now!


Hi Shelley
I am so sorry for your loss; I know how hard it is to lose one of our cat friends.
I cannot answer your questions, they are questions with no answers I’m afraid. They are questions which are whizzing around your brain as you go through the grieving process and is completely normal.

Trying to find answers to these sorts of questions is a impossible quest but it will pass. As you say you have the comfort that your cat was close by when she died. Cats will often take themselves off and hide when they are very ill and this is why you could not find her. It is not your fault.

Tale comfort in your other cats and know that sometimes in life we are powerless to change things but we have to accept them and move on. You will never forget your cat and that counts for a lot.

Best wishes Kate

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We have found Shelley
by: Anonymous

This note is from the grateful anonymous searcher who posted a message a few days ago in this forum and finally re-connected with Shelley, her secondary school friend through another channel. A big thank you to "Our Happy Cat" forum.

Searching for Shelley Kong
by: Anonymous

This message is for Shelley Kong, France. If you happen to have hailed from Hong Kong and was a student of SPCS in the 70s, please contact F. Tsang at I have an important message to relay to you.

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