How do I keep my cat inside?

by Michelle
(Miami, Fl)

A month ago, a very friendly cat walked up to us while we were standing outside. It was very cold outside so we decided to let her stay in our garage. Quickly we grew attached to her, and she appeared to be pretty healthy. We took her to the vet for a free consultation and she appears to be in good health. So we decided to keep her even though we know nothing about cats.

Well now she is constantly trying to get out and is very vocal about it which can be a bit irritating. Every so often she'll escape but then come back in an hour or so. But yesterday she left in the morning and didn't return until night time. Again, it just so happened to be cold outside.

We want to keep her, but we feel that she is so used to living outside that she doesn't want to stay. We don't want to worry about her coming in and out and bringing in fleas or diseases. So I would love to know if there is anything I can do to make her want to stay inside? Is there anything I can do or buy?

We really don't want to just leave her out there with all the dangers there are so an answer that provides a good solution would be greatly appreciated.

Answer from Kate
What can I say. My personal view is that she a cat and should be allowed to be a cat, which means being able to do all the tings that cats like to do, like exploring, claiming a territory, hunting, chasing leaves etc etc.

i have owned many cats in my life time and all have been indoor /outdoor cats. Yes you have to have them vaccinated against illness and treat them for fleas monthly but thats all part of being a cat owner to keep them healthy and safe.

This cat is used to being able to go outside and so its not surprising that she misses the freedom of going outside and she probably never will.

If you really do want to try and make her happy inside then you need to make her inside world as stimulating as the outside world. i have an article about this here

but there are no guarantees teat this will make her happy.

best wishes Kate

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