How do I stop neighbourhood cats from peeing on my porch?

by Nicole
(Kitchener, ON)

There is a neighbourhood cat (or cats) that is (are) peeing on our front porch. Some mornings the stench is unbelievable when we walk out the front door.

What can I use to stop the cat(s) from peeing on the porch? I have a dog, an indoor cat and kids, so I'm looking for a non-chemical solution if possible.

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately un neutered stray cats will do this all the time, we have a stray in the area too who sprays wherever he can.

As you say there are products available that are supposed to stop cats spraying but I don't know how successful they are.

i have always used a strong citrus smell to deter cats, however you will have to replenish the smell regularly. You could also put some cat scarer's up, ie shiny reflective things, my neighbor uses old CDs dangling on string. You will also have to make sure that you clean the porch area throughly so that no trace of the urine smell remains. bicarbonate of soda is a great odor eliminator.

Unfortunately it can be difficult to prevent this
sort of behavior.

Good Luck Kate

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