How Do We Help Our Cat To Adjust

by Sue

We adopted an 8 year old cat, from her original family, whose young son developed an cat allergy.

We brought the cat home and she has stayed hidden for one week now. She came out from hiding after two days, but stayed about 5 feet from us. When she did come closer to rub our legs, we petted her and she hissed and nipped. Now she won't come out from hiding at all. She is eating and using her litter box, but we are concerned for her health and adjustment. Are there any hints for us to draw her out of hiding? Should we force the issue? This is not what we imagined would happen. Thanks for any advice.

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my cat does the same thing
by: Anonymous

I found a stray who was neutered and declawed. I brought her home to a 6 year old male cat and big dog. She hid under my bed for over a year before she came out. She would go to the bathroom in the litter box and would eat either at night or when i would walk the dog. But it just seems like some cats take a very long time to adjust. They aren't very needy.

shy kitty
by: Becky

Kitties really hate change and some are slow adjusting to new places. My kitties moved to our guest house while we worked on main house and 3 of them hid for 2 days and 1 was ok from the begining.(these are my house kitties)You have cat who is in a whole new place with new owners so will take some time to adjust. I would let her come to the mean time play with her and when she lets you pet her give a treat.The trick is not to rush things. good luck..........she will adjust with time.

by: Kate

she is obviously one of those cats that is going to need some time to adjust to her new world and people. I wouldn't force the issue, she will relax once she realises you mean her no harm and that this is her new territory.

You could help her by spreading her scent around the room by rubbing her with a towel or using her bedding and then rubbing her scent around the house. It's good to get her scent onto you as well.

Get low down on the floor and offer her treats, perhaps put them on the floor in front of you and let her come to you, do not attempt to touch her. Let her get used to this routine and then perhaps see if she will take them from your hand. It is a slow process but she is scared and the more confident she can feel about you the quicker she will relax.


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