how do you knowif your cat has worms?

Hi, my name is Dawn and my cat Yum Yum is 11 years old and I would say about 3 weeks ago or so she started licking her private area, and it's getting to where it is ALOT and idk why! I read that could be caused by fleas, but she is an inside cat and doesn't have fleas, then I read about worms..... how do you know if that's the case or not? She has a very sensative stomach and I used to take her to the vet all the time cuz I thought something was wrong with her but the dr. said that she just has a food allergy. So I have no clue on what to do, can you give me some advice? With her licking all the time, her breath is getting really bad and seems like nothing is working, lol I'm sure you get questions like this all the time, but I honestly have no idea of what to do.

Answer from Kate
It is very difficult to say for sure what the problem could be here as licking this area can be a sign of all sorts of things from parasites and worms to blocked anal glands and even constipation if it is causing your cat some discomfort.

the fact that her breathing is also a little heavier would definitely make me say that you should go to the vet to have her checked out sooner rather than later. Sometimes only an examination is able to diagnose a problem and the vet will be able to feel her glands, look closely at her skin and listen to her heart etc and be able to make the correct diagnosis.

I do have a web page here about cat worms but in most cases unless you can see them in the cats feces it is difficult to say for sure if she does have worms.

best wishes Kate


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What do the worms look like?

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