How Long Do Cats Stay Outside For

by Joey

My cat has been outside for a few days now and I was wondering how long they stay outside for. My cat is an orange tabby male and I miss it very much so please answer my question, how much longer do you think it will be outside for?

Answer by Kate
Well it very much depends on whether your cat is neutered or not and on his particular temporament. Some cats like to be outside all the time others prefer to pop in and out. So to answer your question, if he is a un neutered male cat he could be out for days looking for mates or claimining his territory. Keep some food outside for him and keep calling him, so that he knows where you are. I'm sure when he is ready he will return.

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Cat is 2 and a half years old
by: Ariana

Will my cat come back? He's been out since yesterday and hasn't came back and I'm worried so much I'm just 15

My cat has gone
by: Anonymous

Hey, I have cat 2 years and I am very worried about him, he haven't come back for two days, I live in Norway and the night he went was raining very hard and rained all day yesterday, today is not raining but he still haven't come, I have been out and call for him, but nothing. For how long he can go away? He is 2 years boy.please help me?

by: Anonymous

My cat is almost two and goes out about 300am in morning but doesn’t come home till it’s getting dark about 5.00 pm at night
I live in semi rural area and plenty woods and trees to play in but even though he’s a very affectionate cat he sometimes doesn’t come home all night
It’s a worry every time I let him out
I have 3 other cats and they tend to stay near the house most of time

by: PikesMomma

I have a very smart bold outside cat , he ran away for two months once when we went camping and finally was lured by someone and thank god he is microchipped ! Now two years later our family bought our first home and relocated from a suburb to a rural area surrounded by wooded area and country lifestyle, we didn’t let him out for the first month we where here , I started letting him out and watched him and everything was fine , I’d get him inside before night ,, that was three weeks ago , we’ll be ran out Friday night and now it’s sunday and he still hasn’t came back , he is a smart cat and I don’t doubt his instincts one bit , think he just ventured farther off then usual ? Any experience?

Missing 2 year old male cat
by: Anonymous

I had a ginger cat he used to go out every night and come back. he is not neutered. The longest time he has been out is 3days. But now it's been month since he went out.. I almost searched my entire area. Roamed around streets with his food calling his name. Even asked people around showing his Pic. I don't know what to do. But really worried. What can I do further to find him. Please help.. Iam not able to stop thinking of him.

cat missing for a month
by: Anonymous

My cat has been missing for a month now. He's white with some black spots, male and 1-year-old. The longest he has been was a week. But this time it's a month.

Part time cat?
by: Anonymous

I saw a friendly cat in my complex who followed me back to my place. I’ve been feeding him and trying to keep him in and night when possible since he is an outdoor cat. He has no collar. I would like to adopt him but not sure if he has an owner or if he is a stray cat. I believe he is neutered and is house broken based on his behavior. Sometimes he stays away for at most 2-3 nights but comes here regularly for food. So I am not sure if he has adopted me or what. What should I do? This has been going on for 1 1/2 months.

my 11 months kitten is still missing
by: Anonymous

can someone please give me some advice. My 11 months old kitten is neutered and an outdoor cat. He loves to be outside so I let him out about 4 to 5 times a day. He would usually stay out for somewhere around 6 hours but this time is very different. He has been gone for over 3 days and I called the shelter to ask if they've taken him but no they didn't. I put up flyers, searched everywhere, called for him night and day, put his litter box and food out... But still nothing.

Pls let me know what else a I should.

Keep calling for him. Check with neighbours and ask them to check any out buildings.

Three days is still not very long I have known cats to make the occasional long tour and still come home. Just keep trying and asking around.

What do i do if my cats lost already tryed fining him so what else is a solution?
by: Jasmine

Hi im really worried about my cat hes ginger color he loves me and his food i havnt got him neutered hes been missing for almost a week now im very worried he always comes at night to get and he hasn't in almost a week went to go look for him havnt heard him im very worried what do i do

Outdoor/Indoor Cats
by: Nick

Like many cat owners, I've been on the fence about whether to let my cat out, or keep him indoors all the time. I sympathize with anybody in this predicament, cause logic tells us they are always safe and secure indoors, but at the same time, we want them to be happy and fulfill their desire to explore the outdoors as well. This is where the mental tug-of-war takes place. From my experience, if you have a new cat and your trying to make this difficult decision, I think there are several important things to consider. First, if it is an adult cat adopted, people should know its history, because if it was previously an outdoor/indoor cat before you got it, then it should be able to be the same with its new owner, but it is always important to establish a bond or connection with your new cat first. Meaning to actually have a real friendship with it, which involves feeding it, affection, a litter box, some playtime and positive reinforcement. These things established first, will give the cat a reason to come back to you after being let outside. It's kind of the same with human children or teenagers. Unhappy or mentally ill children will tend to be runaways more often than kids that have a happy home life. I would also warm the cat up to the new neighborhood, by going outside with him/her to monitor its behavior during the first few times you let the cat out. If the cat seems to like and mesh with mother nature, don't follow him and prop your door open, and it will probably come back. But, understand with an outdoor cat so many things factor in, even if it has a perfect indoor life. Like the cat's natural survival skills, sense of direction, cars, other animals etc... These things are the hardest hurdle to conquer. In fact it isn't exactly a hurdle, but just a risk factor you take, when letting your cat out. Because each day out there is a win/lose survival situation, as with any living thing. If you got it as an adult cat that has always been indoors, then I'd probably wouldn't try to change that. If you got a kitten, and you want it to be outdoors, I'd slowly train him to the title of indoor/outdoor cat. Kittens will need more protection and guidance, so you should monitor it for months before letting it on its own. This is my advice.

Where is she
by: Worried

She has been wondering and I'm worried,she's like a tiger but black and brown

missing 5 month kitten
by: roisin keeley

my kitten has gone out for over 2 hours i had to go out to the shops and had to shut the back door and when i came back i havnt seen him should i worry

missing cat
by: wright

my cat earl who is 3 years has been gone for 1 or 2 weeks but he not that kind of cat that would leave he was a good cat EVERYBODY loved him me most what should i do?

Read this page for more information

by: l.rAEL

I have had cats all my life.When they are babies I click my tongue every time I feed them,They get used to it meaning food.Later on they come whenever I click my tongue.My friend preferred a whistle tune she made up. Also if you have a cat door or window you will find that they are home more than you think they are.

Missing Kitten
by: Very worried!

My 6 month old kitten has been gone now for a day and a half. He has been neutered and this is unlike him. He is very loving and likes his food so I am surprised and worried. Is he likely to come back?

by: Anonymous

i normally dont let my cats out but my cat tends to jump out the windows and go out hes unneutured but he come back after 7-8 hours . but cats can go out for weeks or days so you shouldnt worry .

3 weeks still no sign of him
by: Anonymous

My cat has been gone for 3 weeks.
I don't know much about cats but all I know is he's about 2 years old human years. Will he find his way home if he's still alive.

Answer by Kate
please see my page here

ginger tom out for too long!!
by: Anonymous

My ginger cat hasn't come home this evening. He has been neutered and is only about 11 months. Is this normal? Im so used to him being in at night,it really worries me.

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