how many times can i let my cat mate when shes on heat ?

by eriann f
(glasgow )

hey i was just wondering if you could help me my female cat is on heat and shes mated with my male cat seven times already should i separate them or will it be ok to continue mating ?

and also how many times does it take for her to get pregnant and will she go of heat if she gets pregnant ? thanks

Answer by Kate
ok the answers to your questions are:
It is fine for your cats to continue mating, she will decide if she no longer wants his attentions and will tell him so.

cats can get pregnant the first time or the next or the next, there is no definite answer to this question.

Lastly, once she is pregnant, her periods of heat will stop for the duration of her pregnancy.

i have some web pages here about cats in heat and cat pregnancy which you may find of interest here are the pages

best wishes Kate

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Cat breeding
by: Anonymous

I can't say it's impossible to be bred after one mating, but my experience and research says that 2 couplings are required.
The more she is bred the larger the litter from my experience with dogs. I rescued a Dobie once who had been bred over and over and there 17 puppies, some still born, some too weak and died the first day. I can't say for sure about cats.

by: Dilawar khan

My Persian cat is very lazy she doesn’t play doesn’t roam she is always lying down on the floor how should he make her active

my cat doesn't want to get closer to her mate
by: abet

Hi,, I want to know my cat behaviour, , after they mate ,, my cat (she) dont want to be closer to his (male) mate,, she keep fighting while the male cat attempt to be closer to her,, its that's normal,,should I seperate them? Thank you.,,

My cat
by: Raphael

Is it possible that a female cat may not mate with his previous mate partner after a day in the their cage and it is only a moment when she has started her heat cycle?

Cat is acting strange
by: Anonymous

My female cat is pregnant and went missing for 4 days and when she came back she's acting really strange she doesn't want any of the cats or kittens which are winged from her already,anyway she's still pregnant but doesn't want them near her at all,and she stays away from the house and meows alot,can you tell me what may be wrong with her?

Answer by Kate
This sounds like normal behavior to me. It is natural for a pregnant cat to chase off her previous litter. Too many cats in the same area is not good for territory etc.

Itb really is important also that a female cat does not have too many litter too quickly as this not only adds to the over population of cats but can also damage the health of the female cat and her unborn kittens.

It is really important that all your cats are spayed as the more litters you have the more cats and it will go on and on, with cat illnesses , fights etc ever on the increase.

about my cat
by: amir

my cat started mating how many times does she mate to get pregnant and how long does it take for the cat ti have its kittens

Answer by Kate
there is no definate answer to this one. She may get preganant first time or it may take several matings if at all. Just like us humans nothings certian.
Please see my web pages here about cats in heat and cat pregnancy for more information.

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