How soon does aggression decrease after neutering

by Janet
(Albuquerque, NM)

I adopted a 2 year old cat from the shelter who was not neutered. He was neutered before I took him home. But he has been extremely aggressive towards my other cats. How long does this last? How long does it take for the testosterone last after neutering? Will the agression stop or just subside a little? What can I expect?

answer by Kate
well it can take a while before all the hormaones stop producing and leave the cats ystem completely. Perhaps even a month or so.
However i would suggest that the aggression is not down to his hormones but is a natural cat behavior when entering anew home and being confronted with other animals. As long as they were introduced properly (see my page about introducing cats under the training section) they should settle down once they have sorted out there place in the home.
Make sure all your cats have there own litter trays and sleeping area also to reduce any tensions there.
Give it time, normallly cats will sort out there differences and either become best friends or will just avoid each other, either way things should settle down it may just take longer than we humans would like.
best wishes Kate

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