How to introduce another cat

by Donna

Hi, I have previously had a male ragdoll cat who passed away at 1 1/2 yrs old, 1/2010. I also have a female ragdoll cat who just turned 2 in February. She basically seems okay, but she demands more attention and she seems to be coming out of her shell more. They always got along but my male was more dominant. They were both so affectionate and loving good cats. My husband and I are considering getting another kitty but I want one that is closer to her age like maybe about 1 yr old. Ragdolls are very docile , timid and laid back animals. They are not aggressive at all and follow you everywhere so we would probably have to get another ragdoll. I have checked ragdoll rescues and shelters but there are none available in or near our area. I have spoken to a breeder, who does not show, and who happens to have a male ragdoll who is 10 mths old. He is very shy and timid and also not neutered. Would that be a problem bringing him home or should he be neutered beforehand? Also, I am kind of concerned that my female might become a little jealous and hide a little more? Please tell me what you think? Should I get him neutered right away? I don't want to stress him out either by bringing him here and then taking him to get fixed and then back here again. My female has already smelled his scent since I held him for about 1/2 hr when I met him. He was okay if I constantly scratched under his chin but still shy and timid. I don't want to create any problems and I don't want to get my heart broken again. I look forward to hearing from you.


Answer by Kate
It is so nice to hear from someone who is really putting some thought in how their cats would feel when a new cat is introduced to the family. It can cause so many problems if people do not introduce cats properly to each other.

I would recommend that you have the male neutered before you bring him home then when you do keep him in a separate room for at least two days to get over his op.

Then the best way to introduce cats is to let them meet each other in a controlled and safe environment. It is a rather slow process but it really is beneficial to the cats in the long run. This introduction process is described here in more detail

best wishes Kate

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