How to stop cat getting on work surface

by nub528

We got a cat that was 1 yr. old. The only problem we have with him is he keeps getting on our kitchen table. How can we stop him from getting on the table?

This is a tricky one and a problem which many cat owners may have encountered in their lifetime. My cat does it sometimes too when he thinks i'm not looking to get to the tap.

Basically your cat does not realize this is not the place to be and so this is purely a learned behavior which has become a bit of a habit for him.

Now to stop him won't be quick and easy thing to do as you have to unlearn this habit behavior.

The basic principle for teaching a cat not to do something is to give him a negative response to something. Now a positive response to a cat can be something as simple as a look from you, a sound from you etc as this is attention and this is what they want. So a negative response is the opposite ie no eye contact, no sound and to walk away from him. So every time he jumps up onto the counter, don't shout at him or make a noise, simply walk over to him pick him up put him on the floor and walk away from him. Do this every single time and he will soon learn that he does not get the response he is hoping for,

i have more about this technique on my page here

Also spray your work surface with very strong citrus smells as this is also a deterrent to cats. To prevent your cat getting on there at night you will have to start to remember to place saucepans etc all along your work surface so it is not so easy to jump up onto. Don't worry you only have to do this until he learns not to get onto the surface.

This is how i trained my cat not to do this behavior, he used to get up their everyday two, three times a day, now he may do it once in a blue moon but very rarely now.

Good luck Kate

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