Humane Sterilization or Euthanasia

by Bob
(Colman SD)

On my parent’s farm there are 12-15 cats (maybe a few more), probably about 1/2 not tame, that we feed. Typically, during the winter, because of the cold lowering their immunity & the fact that they huddle together in the barn on the coldest nights, many of them (especially the younger ones) get infected & end up dying. Possible inbreeding to at least some extent doesn’t help their resistance, either.

I am wondering whether or not there is an oral (either food or drink) product on the market that inactivates their reproduction, either for males or females. If not, is there an effective, available oral agent that can be used to painlessly euthanize most of them, as this is both more humane & cost effective than taking care of them over the warmer periods & then having (many of) them undergo miserable deaths in the winter. Thank you.

Answer by Kate
Well the most cost effective method in the LONG run is to ensure that no more kittens are born as I'm sure you are aware. now unfortunately the most cost effective option is to have the surgery. I think there may be other concecetives out there but I don't think they are that readily avialble and probably would still require the vet to give them to them ie an injection etc and would cost you more in the end.

As for somehting to euthanise them . i know of nothing like this available.

Have you checked with your local animal shelters if they know of any programs in your area for spaying and neutering feral cats. i know there are some as the control of unwanted kittens is often a priority with many of the animal charities.

In fact contact these people for some advice they run TNR (trap, neuter, return) campaigns I think and will be able to advise you about your situation

best wishes Kate

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