Humphrey - Cat Photo Contest 2013

by Maddie
(Cheshire, England)

Humphrey jumped into a bin!

Humphrey jumped into a bin!

I think this photo of my 2 year old cat Humphrey sums up his loving and funny personality perfectly. I had just got home from my first semester at University and he stayed by my side from the minute I walked through the front door and followed me into my room and jumped into my empty plastic bin! I think he was excited to see me and wanted my attention, and of course, he got it by doing this!

Humphrey is a very friendly and loving cat. Every time he sees a member of my family, he purrs very loudly, and will often join one of us for a cuddle on the sofa. He has a lovely coat of fur which he loves having brushed.. He is surprisingly kind to other cats, especially to our older female cat, who he loves to cuddle and play with. He has also formed a sweet friendship with our neighbour's male cat, and the two of them can often be seen playing in the garden together. Most of all, Humphrey makes everyone who meets him feel special, as he likes people (more so if you happen to have food for him!), and loves attention so always lets family and friends cuddle him and stroke him. He is not only my cat but my best friend, as he always manages to do funny things like this that never fail to make me smile.

Feb 15, 2013
by: Tracy

Thank you for sharing your kitty with us! Humphrey is beautiful! He sounds like such a wonderful cat! He is blessed to have you and you to have him!
I have 2 cats myself. Bootsie is 6 and Bonnie is 3. They just love each other. Both cats my husband rescued from outside when they were kittens. There are many stray/feral cats here on my street and I feed them all. A volunteer from Protectors of animals has helped and trapped 13 cats and had them fixed, shots, and any medical attention they needed. 2 cats that were friendly got homes as well. I have become very attached to a couple of the cats now and I have a small 1 bedroom apt. so I cannot take in any more cats. If I had a house I would have them all! There are 2 cats that I have been feeding for at least 5 years and they are still feral. They will not come to me. I have gained the trust of a lot of the cats and I can pet them. My neighbor across the street has a house and the garages have no doors so the cats have made that their home. Thank Goodness for that shelter. We just had a blizzard and got 3 feet of snow and the cats stayed in there and they are all okay. I spend a small fortune feeding them , but I love them and I need to get a bigger apartment, but I don't want to leave the cats . Who would feed them? Anyway, I am babbling..but as you can tell I love cats! Thanks you again for showing me your cat!!!!

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