Hungry Cat

by Laura

My cat is about 14 years old. He's always been very skinny, but it was mainly because he just didn't eat a whole lot (his sister would eat most of their food, but he didn't complain much). Recently, he's become insatiably hungry. He'll eat ANYTHING, and do anything to find food. He eats food that we leave out, tin foil, paper, chips, anything and everything that he can chew.

We have started feeding him much much more than we used to, and he eats all of it (and his sister's food too!). But he still seems like he's losing weight, he's so skinny!

And his personality has done a complete 180. He used to be scared of everything. Any loud noises, sudden movements, people in general. But now, even if we yell at him and bang things around, it doesn't phase him. He'll come up to new people in our house, I think with the hopes of getting food.

What is wrong with him? We've taken him to the vet, but they keep saying that we just need to feed him more...

Answer from KAte
Has the vet done any tests? I ask this as there are condition with the thyroid which can display these symptoms. Some blood tests would show this up.

Cat thyroid problems are quite common and usually be treated with medication but if left untreated your cat will simply waste away, I know as I had a cat with the condition.

At 14 he us getting on a bit and so health issues can now start to play a part in his life. If you are not happy with your vet may I suggest you take him elsewhere. I have many years of experience with different vets and believe me no two are the same and some better than others. I prefer to go to the smaller independent vets rather than the big group vet practices as I find that they tend to be a little more caring (just my experience).

I really do think it is is worth getting a second opinion on this as it is not normal for a cat to eat and eat but not to put weight on.

Also have you checked that he does not have worms?

I hope he is Ok again soon

best wishes KAte

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