husband's kitty still hates me (no surprise) but now hates him (surprise)

by Mindi
(North Dakota USA)

My husband's 10-11 yr old calico has always hated me- unless she is in heat. We recently moved and the day we moved she went into heat. However we had her in to the vet the week before for frequent vomiting. The vet couldn't find anything actually wrong with her other than obvious dehydration from the vomiting. The blood work showed the dehydration. The x-rays showed an enlarged uterus, very good kidneys, and a possible mass, but we were told that it might be a trick of the x-ray. In the first week we were unable to spend as much time with her and our other 2 younger cats. They've been placed unsupervised in his parents upstairs where they have the run of it. Which is about double the room they had before. Since Fittenhead (calico) went out of heat, she won't let my husband touch her. We received the prescription for her anti nausea meds today, and I'm afraid that he won't be able to give it to her. I have already called the vet and am waiting to hear back from them. My mother in law thinks that Fittenhead is angry with us because we still have her locked up. My in laws have dogs, and our younger 2 are terrified of dogs. Fittenhead has a history of being very "abusive" as I call it. She attacks everyone EXCEPT my husband, until now. I'm worried that were going to lose this kitty, as mean as she is, I love her. What could be going on with her? Or is my mother in law correct and I'm overreacting? Please help us.

Cats react to fear with aggression, it's a defense mechanism.

In this case this cat may be feeling unwell, and is also in a new environment. two very strong reasons for her to be fearful. So her aggressive behavior is not surprising.

She needs a stable home life and also for this possible problem with her uterus to be sorted out.

I am surprised that she is 11 years old and still not spayed. It could be the answer to her uterus problem and would also make her a happier more contented cat without all the ups and down of her hormones when in heat. It may be worth discussing this with your vet.

I have a web page with some more information about the benefits of spaying etc which you may find of further interest here.

best wishes kate

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