I am really afraid for my cat

Hi there, we have just recently moved to a new place, my cat Cuddles, she will be 8 in August, she has lost alot of weight lately, in fact its almost shocking, I dont think she would weigh more than 4 or 5 pounds. Also, her breathing seems funny, I know cats breath a bit rapidly, and maybe I am just noticing because of her weight loss, so the breathing pattern seems more pronounced. Is it possible for a cat to suffer sever anxiety?

I am just really worried right now, she has always been very skittish, ever since we got her as a young kitten.

She is not fixed, but has never been outside. Also, I have just noticed a lump on her side close to her ribs. I see her taking a bit of water and eating a couple of bits of food, but she has always eaten like that, but she was at least 2 or 3 pounds heavier than she is now.

Is it possible that the stress of moving has caused this as she is such a nervous girl to begin with? We go out of our way to give her as much love and attention as we can, but I just find her going into cupboards and hiding all the time.

Aside from being very nervous, she has always seemed very healthy to me, but with the weight loss and the breathing and the lump, I am very frightened. It is almost like her sides are caving in, that is how skinny she has become.. Any adivse you could offer would be great. I have pretty much figured out that she needs to go for a check up which I plan to do, but any insight you could offer would be great.


By the way, I dont have a digital camera and so I have no pictures of her on my computer, otherwise I would upload one.

Answer by KAte
I am not sure what you want me to say and I am reluctant to say much as from your description your cat is definitely ill and I would not like to say how serious or not this may be. But all i can say is that your cat needs to see a vet now rather than waitings.

i have had cats in the past with thyroid conditions which caused severe weight loss and which can be treated, i have also had cats with cancer and the symptoms are similar too.

i understand how afraid you are but there is nothing I can say that will alleviate that fear. You have to be strong and put your cat first. I know exactly how you feel i have been there too and yes it is hard.

be strong and take your cat to the vets now, until you know for sure what is wrong there is no way of helping your cat.

best wishes Kate

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