I am trying to Intorduce 2 new adult cats, but having some behavioural problems...

Okay, so I adopted 2 adult cats, they are not from the same place and where I adopted them they both said that they are use to other cats, I felt bad for them and decided to give them a home... I brought home the first cat about a week ago, a 3 year old female bengal spayed but not declawed. She is very scared of us and just wnats to hide. I placed her in a seperate room with her litter box and food, and left her there for about a week. I would go in and talk to her and try to pet her and she eventually allowed me to pet her, but would scatter after. So after about a week of letting her in the room, so she can get use to all the noise, I opened the door and allowed her to room the house which I have a one story home, she loves to go under my bed. I know it would take her a couple of weeks to maybe months to get use to us which is fine. I then decided to adopt another bengal male, neutered and front declaws done he is 1 year 3months old. When I brought him home he was right up on your face type of cat, wanted to be pet and wanted to play with you and did not hide, total different personality compared to the other cat, he then wondered into my room and I didnt realize that the female cat was under there, until I heard her meow and growl, he left right after but then went back and she did the same thing but then when I went to the room to try to get her and put her back in the room, my bedroom really smelt bad and when I

looked under my bed there was poop under neath it and when I moved my bed aside I noticed some kind of liquid in my wall and on my floor. I asumed the male sprayed and the female pooped because she was scared. I want to try to keep both of them but I am now afraid that since the male sprayed that he will continue doing it even though he is neutered. I dont want my home to smell like spray and poop... I dont want to give him up as I love his personality as he is very friendly and outgoing, and my husband took a great liking to him, but I dont know what to do I dont want to give up the female either, but she is very scared and never wants to come out and since she pooped on the floor I am afraid that she will not use her litter box anymore.. I need help on what I should. I have been so stressed since I brought both of them home and I am sure they both are too. I just want to give them a wonderful forever home, but now I am unsure what to do. Please help.

Answer by KAte
Don't worry things will get better it just takes some time and patience. Don't forget your cats have a lot to get used to and they need a lot of understanding and care to help them through this period.

the best way to help your cats is to introduce them using the safe method which helps them to build confidence in each other without the fear of attack etc. The process is described on this page


It does take a bit of time and effort but is worth it in the end.

best wishes Kate

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