I can't take my poor cat's meowing every night!

by Sasha

Patches, 2 year old

Patches, 2 year old

Hi, I have a 2 year old male cat named Patches. He's an indoor cat, he's never given us any trouble, and has always been very well behaved. Recently though, he's been crying behind our front door to go outside to "meet" other cats on our street. I will explain. Stray cats keep coming behind our front door and they stay crying for my cat, Patches. Obviously my cat who can smell and hear them goes behind our front door and cries for them too. It's basically like a Romeo & Juliet love story in short. We couldn't take all these cats crying every single night, so we decided to go get Patches neutered. I felt so relieved for the first couple of days because Patches didn't seem to be interested in the other strays anymore, so the crying stopped. But for some reason yesterday the crying started again, and I can't take it! I can't understand why this is happenning, since my cat is now fixed, and I just can't stand to see my cat so upset. Also I can hear the strays meowing from a mile away, and I can't sleep because of this. My cat is much more quiet and only meows maybe once every 5-10 minutes, but it's still quite annoyoying. All I want is to understand why my cat is suddenly doing this even though he is neutered, and how to stop it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks :)

You didn't say how long ago it was that your cat was neutered. i ask because if it was only in the last few weeks then it is likely that his hormone levels have not dropped yet after the operation. this can take several weeks to a month for some cats. Once his hormone levels have drooped he will be a calmer cat.

You could also try some of the cat calming sprays etc which can help cats through a particularly difficult period and this may help too. See my page about nervous cats and the medications available here scared-cat.html

You also need to try and keep the other cats away from your doors and windows. using a strong citrus sprays around the frames etc can help to do this. Plus when your cat is no longer giving off a strong male scent they should move on any way.

best wishes kate

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cant sleep at night time , Help!!
by: Anonymous

Hi, we have moved from our 1 bedroom flat to a 2 bedroom and i had 2 cats my one lelu died ,and i was devastated, but my stray Mia seemed to be fine she is very territorial so i dont let her out of my flat cuz i. Scared she will run away but she goes out on the balcony ect.. and uses the litter box,she moans every night ,its starts from around 2 am and she carries on sraight tru the night ,she jumps up and down the bed and moans me and my husband is getting no sleep??? Please help we dont know what to do????

Mine too
by: Anonymous


I don't know how long this was posted but my cat whose 8 months old and was neutered 4 months ago has recently started crying and yowling at night because a stray female kitten ( approx 6 months) keeps coming to our house at night and crying and meowing for him to come out and play. It is very Romeo and Juliet but it is keeping all of us up at night, not to mention the neighbours and I can't catch her to take her to the vet. She's very very fast and lives in a drain. I also don't want him around her because she may have diseases etc as she is a stray. I would try to adopt her if I could but I am not allowed to have another one.

What can I do? I am trying to ignore my cat and only let him out during the day when she's not there but he still keeps meowing.


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