I dont know what to do or what this can be??

by D.Amidon

About two months ago my mother cat had three kittens.Two of them are fine and doing well.But this one kitten I am very worried about,She does not walk rite,very wobbly,her back legs are weak and fold out.She acts like her head is to heavy to pick up. When she does try to walk its like she leans to one side and her back legs don't move with her very well.She does not meow or cry about it.She has been like this since she was born.I thought at first she was blind,I don't know if this matters or not but one of her eye lids are black and the other one is white.I don't know if this is a mental thing going on with her or what this may be.PLEASE help and try to give me an answer or reason for my young kittens behaviors.

Yes unfortunately it does sound like this kitten may have been born with a disability which could be both mental and physical.

usually in the wild when a kitten is born like this the mother cat will abandon it and it would have died. But in a domestic situation this does not always happen.

What you need to do is to have this kitten looked at by a vet. he will be able to tell you what physical and possibly mental issues the cat may have and let you know how best this cat should be looked after.

cats can live fairly happily with disabilities but they may need extra care. It really is no good trying to guess what the issues could be, let the vet diagnose and take it from there.

I have a page on my site about disabled cats etc which you may find of further interest.


best wishes kate

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