I have a cat problem i really need help.

I have 6 cats outside and there all related they have been getting into serious fights. One of my cats scratched a gash into his brothers head, their hissing and growling at each other. One of them as never acted like this before and noW is starting to act mean to the other cats. They dont act mean to me though. There is 1 femail outside the rest are boys. Why are they fighting, because of her, or are they all trying to be the head cat????

Answer by KAte
you did not mention if they are all neutered / spayed. if not then this is definitely the cause. It doesn't matter if they are related or not, instinct and hormones rule in the cats would. So yes they would be fighting over the female cat and also territory.

Making sure they re all neutered / spayed will help to calm everything down as well as obviously preventing any more kittens to be born into an already over crowded territory and leading to even more fights.

If they are all neutered or spayed then the fights are simply about who wants to be top cat. These fights should be short lived once the pecking order is sorted out.

best wishes kate

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