I have an old cat with a urine problem

by nicole ulmer
(melville sask)

My cat Ernie is about sixteen years old in the last year he has been urinating in excessive amounts in his litter box ,you go to clean it and there is pee over pee in only one week.He has never been like that before ,I cannot believe how big the clumps of pee in the litter for a small cat.Ernie has always been a small lean good looking cat and now I have also found that his fur is matting all over and it's so bad that I will have to get him professionaly groomed.E5rnies urine is very strong smelling as well and it is really stinking my house up.Ernie is mostly an inside cat I don't give him shots at all haven't for at least 12 years or so.He doesn't seem to be in much pain his meows are not in stress other than he craves major atention which he hardley get's any due to me and my husband now raising two children ages 6 and 3,what should I do and how much is the rates with a vet visit?

Answer by Kate
It could be that he has an urinary infection, which may need some antibiotics from the vet to clear up. Please read my page here about this here https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-urinary-problems.html

I would say that due to the age of your cat, a trip to the vets is probably called for. the cost of vets vary from practice to practice. However my vet in the Uk charges me £25 for a visit I think, which considering we only go once in a while isn't too bad. The peace of mind and knowing that you are looking after your cat well is worth the cost.

best wishes Kate

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My 16 yr-old cat
by: Anonymous

My husband and I adopted a 3 week old black female cat. She has round wide eyes and long whiskers. She was very cute. However, as she got older now at 16 years old, she started meowing so loudly. When I answer her back she stops meowing and utter some kind of sounds as if she wants to talk to me. When I rub her belly or scratch her gently, she rolls and rolls like a worm. she likes to be scrathed.

I noticed that at 16 years old, she drinks a lot of water. Then she also urinates a lot. Few months ago, I had the doctor looked at her. Doctor said, she is healthy.
I believe the doctor because in the evening, Babyhead runs around the house so fast.

But how could I stop her from urinating so much?


Connie Erickson

From your description I wonder if she is either diabetic or has a thyroid condition.

Did your vet do any tests? sometimes thats the only way to really find out if their is a problem or not. If I were you I would go back to your vets for a second examination.

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