I have found a stray kitten

by Samantha

My husband and I found a stray kitten, who looks to be about 6 weeks old, outside a pizza restaraunt. He has a runny nose and eyes. The discharge looks brown, which is very noticeable because he is completely white in color. There is some blood when he goes #2, but it is not diarrhea. He is also very lazy. He does not play much. My husband seems to think it is because he never really had the chance to play because he was fending for himself. We are giving him milk and dry cat food. We also gave him a bath with dawn dish detergent to get rid of the fleas. Is there anything else that may be wrong with him that we can fix?

At 6 weeks old he is very young indeed and normally would still require the milk of his mother to help build him up. It is best to give him cat formula at this age as cows milk can cause diarrhea.

the fleas could also have been making him ill as they cause severe anemia in small kittens so making sure he is flea free is very important.

At this age food and clean living conditions is the best you can do for him. Apart of course from taking him to the vet to have a check up.

It sounds like he may have cat flu or at least a mild case. this can be very nasty indeed.

I will put a few pages as links here which i think will help you bring up this little guy. Information is power as tgey say. good luck





You will also find links on those pages to other subjects such as kitten weaning and also cat health and care.

best wishes kate

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Check for ear mites as well.

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