I have taken my cat to the vet two times to be told , she is fine...WELL..

by Aliza
(Jacksonville, FL)

I get her back home and the next day , she is not fine. Puking up everything she eats, peeing everywhere in little bits. They gave her an IV of fluids , thinking she was straining to go to the bathroom because she would try 50 million times a day. Her urinalysis came back back clean, blood work immaculate, wonderful kidneys. This was a day before when i took her in for abnormal sneezing and sniffling and occasional puking, which i thought was due to furballs. Now, two.5 days later she is displaying every symptom there is aside from "looking healthy" as the vet says. She is puking, peeing in little bits everywhere b/c i'm sure she associates pain with the litterbox. Sometimes she will try to go in the litterbox, she ate very little today and i don't think she drank. She started licking herself alot after going a little bit of number 1 and i heard a few meows. I am sure she is in pain. This is all new ad the doctor said if she doesnt go number two by monday, that i should bring her in for an xray, which is what i'm going to do. I am so worried this is a tumor blocking her colon or bladder. something is very wrong and i am broke and jobless right now. I hope to god it is nothing serious. she is 10 years old and truly there isn't anything i wouldn't do for her, but i already lost a cat and i am not ready for this again.

Answer by KAte
Dear Aliza

This sounds terrible for you and your cat but I must say the one thing you must take heart in is that you are doing everything you can for your cat and getting her professional care.

Sometimes illnesses do take a little time to diagnose. vets dont like to be to invasive in their testing at first but they will escalate this if as in this case symptoms persist.

i have a very good vet who is just fantastic with animals and even he has told me of times when he has struggled to discover the cause but a good vet never gives up.

I can understand your worry, i too love my cats so much and cant bear to think of them in pain. But as long as you are doing everything you can for her to make her comfortable and feel secure as well as taking her to the vets etc then you are doing everything possible and thats what counts.

It may well be that she has a blockage, this is not uncommon and doesn't mean it is a tumor at all.

See my page about UTI here


I hope the vet discovers her problem soon and is able to put it right.

best wishes Kate

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