i just want my cats to be friends

by sandi rion

please be my friend abby

please be my friend abby

i have a 1 year old female ragdoll cat and i thought she needed a friend so we adopted a himalayan 3 years old she is doing fine in her new forever home, she cries at night. the ragdoll is the one

that will have nothing to do with her. she will hiss and growl at her every time she comes around. it has only been two nights i have never had two cats before. is this normal behavior or do i need do
do something to help them become friends im worried i have made
a bad choice. please help i need some sleep thanks for your time
abby is the new cat and kitty girl is the old cat abby just wants to be friends

Answer by Kate
Oops sadly this is a human error which is a common mistake. ie thinking that cats are like us and need another cat companion. this is not the case.

Cats are generally solitary creatures who do not live in packs in the wild.

unless cats have been brought up from a very early age with other cats and animals is often the case that they will always see other cats as a threat.

There is one thing you can try. It is a period of introduction for the two cats which may help them ton accept each other. However there are no guarantees that they will ever be friends. Sometimes the best we can hope for is a sort of truce.

the process is described on this page


it does take some time and effort on our parts but is worth giving a try.

best wishes Kate

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